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  • The Wager/Revenge/Aftereffects - An Ishqbaaz Fanfic Series
    27.7K 3.6K 26

    Author's Note: Dear Reader, if this is the first time you've come across this story, I would suggest to begin with Need [Part 1]. This is a continuation and the plot will make more sense if you read chronologically. P.S. This fanfic was written years ago when the show first began hence the pairings are old and does n...

  • Road to Need - An Ishqbaaz Fanfic: A Prequel to the Need Series
    9.2K 1.3K 12

    Author's Note: This story is a Prequel to another fanfic, the Need Series which depicts Anika and Shivaay's married life. That being said, this can easily be read as a standalone because the story here is about the progress of ShivIka's relationship and how they got to be the couple I've shown them to be in Need. P.S...

  • A Collection of Ishqbaaz One-Shots
    3.2K 342 4

    Author's Note: This was an idea that I embarked on with a few a of my writer friends on another forum. We started a series of one-shots, small chapters and snippets about any of the pairings on the show, with the plot revolving around a kiss and inspired by a song. Though that series was not completed, these first thr...

  • Need - An Ishqbaaz Fanfic Series [Part 1]
    4.9K 573 3

    Author's Note: This is the first part of a series of stories. It was written years ago when the show first began hence the pairings are old and does not include the new characters. (ShivIka, RuMya and IshKara.) Plot: Shivaay has gone abroad for a business trip for a month and this story shows Anika missing him. Backgr...

  • Unrequited
    43.2K 5.7K 17

    Unrequited. Maybe or maybe not. What is assured is: - a few lies, sweet, sour and a bit of spice. - adorable devars who make their brother jealous. He doesn't accept it but we all know. - a Cupid in the form of Dadi - hugs, kisses with a sprinkle of tadi - an ex who doesn't lie. How interesting. So when Shivaay meets...

  • The Dating Charade ✔️
    424K 48.7K 91

    Shivaay and Annika start dating, but only in pretense. Slowly, the drama becomes a little all too real. Will they ever realize their true feelings? (Cover by ImLilMissComplicated)

  • 4th Time The Charm : Shivika FF (Ishqbaaaz)
    89.7K 3.2K 22

    It's Shivika you know how that goes..