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  • By Your Side - Jax Teller
    128K 2.1K 30

    Julianna Winston returns to Charming after four years away from her friends and family. What happens when she returns to her old lifestyle? I own my own characters.

    Completed   Mature
  • Free Bird - Morgan Wallen
    89.5K 819 30

    "She wanted us to leave town and start a life somewhere else but I couldn't just runaway, y'know, like this is my hometown." Or In which Daniella Hunt and Morgan Wallen are reunited through a mutual friend. I own my own characters.

  • Up In Smoke - Jax Teller
    69.5K 1.3K 31

    I am one who loved not wisely but too well - Othello: Act 5, Scene 2 Or In which old flames are reignited. I own my own characters.

  • Neon in the Dark - Morgan Wallen
    57.1K 641 30

    "He stole my songs!" "Who!?" "Morgan Wallen!" Or In which Maggie Wilson and Morgan Wallen cross paths again through their careers. [7 Summers inspired] I own my own characters and none of the songs are mine. 4/5/21 - 5/26/21

  • Shatter The Glass - Jax Teller
    93.3K 1.8K 27

    Familiar faces; haunting memories. Sophia Morrison returns to Charming to take care of her father and in hopes to leave her old wild life behind in Modesto, California. She learns more and more about the town she was born in and tries to understand the lifestyle of the Sons of Anarchy and the perplexing mystery that...

  • Tennessee Tipsy - Morgan Wallen
    60K 635 21

    Morgan Wallen meets a cute bartender when he's visiting Nashville. What happens when he finally gets the courage to ask the girl out? [whiskey glasses inspired] I own my own characters. [4/18/21] - 5/26/21 - 7/24/21

  • Right On The Money Honey - Michael Hardy
    16.3K 214 22

    "Who'da thought a right on the money honey'd ever fall for a broke boy?" Or In which Liz and Michael meet at a bar while she's visiting Nashville and they hit it off. Inspired by Broke Boy by Hardy. I own my own characters. [7/7/21] - [7/31/21- 8/24/21]

  • Let You Go - Riley Green
    16.7K 252 23

    "Truth is you're better off alone and the best thing I can do is let you go." Lottie and Riley have been best friends for their whole lives. Once they graduated high school, they moved to Nashville to finally pursue their music careers. Or In which Ri and Lot deal with the pros and cons of living together in Music Cit...

  • Flower Shops - Morgan Wallen
    54.8K 645 25

    "...I'll buy violets and daisies to hide all the crazy, it's gonna take all you got..." Inspired by 'Flower Shops' by Morgan Wallen and Ern I own my own characters and none of the songs are mine. [9/4/21] - [9/14/21- 11/7/21]

  • In Love By Now - Riley Green
    15.1K 270 23

    "...She didn't want a roommate. She was so close to getting her own dorm but at the last minute, she was put with some chick named Riley..." Or In which Jo and Riley are unexpected college roommates. I own my own characters. 9/12/21 - [10/1/21- 10/25/21]

  • Signed, Sober You - Michael Hardy
    16.4K 263 23

    "I know you think you miss her But I promise you, you don't There's healing in the lonely Sit back, kick off your boots And you'll thank me in the morning Like you always do Signed, sober you..." Or In which Michael Hardy meets Jenna James and falls in love loosely based off Signed, Sober You by Hardy. I own my own...

  • Hard To Leave - Riley Green
    12.8K 266 20

    Never in a million years did Lina think she'd be getting this angry at Riley. Riley is the- was the love of her life when they were young and dumb but ever since that day he just up and left, he's been sitting in a sour spot in her heart and soul. It's hate. She hates him. Or In which Lina and Riley have a falling...

  • Sold Out - Michael Hardy
    12K 224 15

    "...It's been years since they split up so Michael has zero reason to be jealous but this girl was the love of his life. Hell, she still might be..." I own my own characters. 1/25/22 - [2/26/22- 6/20/22]

  • Yee Haw Imagines
    81.5K 1K 61

    Just a compilation of various country singers. requests: open! (requests: message me with a name and a prompt you'd want to read) I own my own characters. [9/24/21]- [10/9/21- ]

  • Pawn Shop Diamond Rings - Zach Bryan
    3.1K 82 4

    "Well, I guess old men on the street prove that time really does fly And I guess pawn shop diamond rings proves that girls love goodbyes And I guess a black dress at a funeral means that life has one sting And I guess a girl like you lovin' me Must mean that angels love anything..." Or In which Zach and Annie reunite...

  • Off Limits - Ryan Sitkowski
    15.7K 449 19

    She watches her brothers leg bounce up and down as they wait for his friend to return from visiting his family in Philadelphia. Vinny looks over the crowds coming from the terminals, wringing his hands together. There's a averaged height man come up to them, grinning. "Ryan!" He shouts, hugging him tightly. "Welcome...

  • Bird On A Wire - Jax Teller
    1.6K 42 3

    "...Jax suddenly wraps his arm around the girl and carries her outside, ignoring how she's squirming and writhing and cussing him out. When they're out on the sidewalk, she backhands him then shoves him back. "You okay?" He asks, looking at the girl with a bloody face. "I didn't need your fucking help." She spits. ...

  • Vol State Line - Morgan Wallen
    599 32 2

    "...Yeah, she was raised Roll Tide 'til the day she died But ever since that night, she's been a Tennessee fan..." Or Morgan Wallen meets a girl in Alabama and falls in love 3/8/23 - [6/2/23- ]