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  • Faking It ➡️ Kaylee Bryant
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    Nash Somerhalder is the most eligible person to date in Hollywood but she doesn't date. She was casted in the new show Legacies to play Tucker Donovan, a newly turned Vampire. Nash's character and Kaylee's character are pair together as love interests. When a picture of them gets leaked, the internet goes into a frenz...

  • Hizzie One-Shots
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    Just some cute Hizzie moments because they are the cutest and deserve all the love in the world.

  • Online Couple | Hizzie
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    *Not my story* I found this and changed to a Hizzie fan fiction Summary: Lizzie and Hope, are both starting a YouTube account, and want to gain viewers. But when they post a video up, a comment makes Lizzie think about ways they can get popular. Started: 04/04/2019 Finished: 05/01/2019

  • Castaways ➡️ Kaylee Bryant
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    Lake Reeves Morgan was a quiet typical High School nerd. She got good grades and she NEVER stayed out past her curfew. Lake had a best friend all throughout Elementary school. Kaylee Bryant. They met on the first day of pre-K then on the First day of 6 grade they stopped talking. Well years go by and they are Seniors...

  • We found love
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    This is a Hizzie story based after episode 1x14 of Legacies.

  • Hosie incorrect quotes
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