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  • Babygirl
    69.1K 1.9K 10

    Scott/Mitch one-shots in the same universe. Featuring kink exploration, Daddy/little, and feminization/genderbending.

  • Don't Mess With Scott Hoying's Boyfriend
    480K 31.7K 178

    "There isn't anything he wouldn't do to protect her." ** Trigger Warnings- •self harm •drinking •talk of smoking •homophobic slurs •death •heart attack •hospitals •car accidents •body image issues •smut •dirty talk •coming out struggles •bullying •yelling •fighting •crying •talk of tattoos •talk of piercings...

  • Just A Dare (Scömìche)
    68K 3.2K 20

    Highest rank is #614 in romance! Scott Hoying is a hot popular. Mitch Grassi is a weird nerd. What could happen when Scott's best friend dares him to date the before mentioned nerd for a few bucks? Easy, right? You would be wrong there. Scott Hoying x Mitch Grassi High school AU Scömìche Completed

  • At the carnival~Scomiche au
    474 20 7

    Mitch and Scott both find themselves at a local carnival. Little do either of them know that what happens that night will change them forever.

  • In the Arms of an Angel(Scomiche)
    1.9K 132 9

    Kirstie, Scott, and Mitch meet in middle school. Over the years they become known as "The Trio". They move to California together to chase their dream of becoming an a cappella group. What happens when they get news that will change their lives forever?

  • Oblivious To Him (Scomiche) [boyxboy]
    29K 1.3K 35

    Mitch gets diagnosed with conditions that cause him to fall into deeper depression and anorexia. But Scott leads a whole different life of alcohol, drugs and a perfect relationship.Which means Scott doesn't have time for Mitch. Which means that he doesn't know anything about Mitch's life. Which means that he doesn't k...

  • The Play (Scomiche fanfiction)
    537 23 3

    Singers vs actors. In this school nothing mattered more than which side of the fued you were on and Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying were caught in the middle of the fued. Will this fued tear them apart or will a particular punishment bring them together?

  • He's not afraid (a Scott Hoying & Mitch Grassi fanfiction)
    42.7K 1.8K 38

    "I fucking love this book. I WISH there were books as good as this, but this book tugged at my heartstrings like a mofo." - ConnieHoukamau "This was so beautiful I just wish you could have LET me live. Just saying. But the ending was perfect as it was, thank you for one of the best stories in the world." - give-me-tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Remember You(Scomiche)
    5.7K 268 16

    Mitch looses his memory and Scott chased after him . But when Mitch remembers Scott, he finds that Scott has moved on. Read more to find out what happens next.

  • Details in the Fabric (Scomiche)
    6K 204 3

    Two part story - Scomiche - based on the song Details in the Fabric by Jason Mraz ft James Morrison.

  • Silver & Gold (Scomiche)
    120K 6.8K 31

    He sees it in his dreams, that symbol, those angles, those eyes. There's a place in his heart that seems forever cold, a part he can never seem to let anyone break into . He tries to live, to love, to find happiness, but somehow it feels as if he's forgotten how. ______________ He does his duty, he holds hi...

  • Silent (Scomiche)
    121K 8.1K 59

    Picture a world where you couldn't speak. When you were mad, you couldn't rant. When you were sad, you couldn't talk about it. When you were happy, you couldn't let people know. This was Mitch's reality.

    Completed   Mature
  • (ON HOLD INDEFINITELY) Blondie - Scomiche
    134K 5.7K 36

    not sure if I'll ever return to this story but feel free to read :) When Mitch joins University and is thrown into a flat with three boys that hate him, he thinks that nothing can make it better. Until a tall blonde greets him in the elevator - mysterious, perhaps dangerous, yet endearing. Scott Hoying impacts Mitch'...

  • Bullied
    70.5K 4K 42

    A story in which Mitch is a 16 years old ftm transgender I update as much a possible!

  • Daddy's Little Boy
    31.3K 1.4K 9

    Mitch is a little. Scott is a caregiver. Can they find out and make it work with minimal bumps along the way?

  • Daddy&Little Moments (Boyxboy)
    956K 26.2K 115

    Short, cute moments/convos between Daddy!Scott and Little!Mitch. Some smutty ones... *This is DD/lb. Mitch is still an adult in each part, he is not Scott's son.*

  • Metaphorical Closets
    62.5K 5K 32

    One of the hardest things to learn was to be myself. It's so difficult to be yourself in a society that wants to shape you... They want me to feel like I shouldn't life my life because I inconvenience those who want to stick to the status quo. You know what? Fuck the status quo. If you want to be like everybody else...

  • We Protect Each Other
    59.8K 4.1K 38

    When Scott finds a scared boy in the crawl space that everyone knows Scott had already claimed as his own on the streets, he finds himself not screaming at the boy to get out like he did to the other homeless people that tried to take his "home" but instead sharing his small space with him. There was just something cu...

  • In The Arms of Danger (Boyxboy) (Under Editing)
    74.8K 323 2

    Mitch Grassi has never been able to be a normal teen. When his parents failed to pay off the debt they owe to a dangerous man, Mitch was forced to do whatever it takes to stay alive and keep those around him safe. That is until an equally dangerous Scott Hoying takes a liking to him. Due to some mishaps, Scott finds o...

  • Mistake
    45.9K 2.3K 16

    "It was a mistake, Scott! Get that through your head!" Mitch Grassi, a blossoming art student at a college far from home, has trouble studying one night as the dorm a few doors down hosts a wild, loud, and distracting party. He finds himself going to shut it down, but ends up doing much more. After an accidental hoo...

  • Anything Goes (Scomiche)
    223K 10.7K 81

    Just some One Shots updated randomly, whenever I get the inspiration.

  • Love Doesn't Stop For Time
    3.8K 270 3

    Mitch fell in love with Scott in college. Scott seemed so interesting and fun. But when the two start getting into a serious relationship, Mitch notices Scott disappears for months at a time. With Scott not telling Mitch where he vanishes to, how can their relationship survive? UPDATED ON MONDAYS