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  • Rules of Engagement: BOOK 2 [Tokyo Ghoul: Female!Kaneki x Tsukiyama]
    6.1K 205 25

    Sequel to My Ugly Self, where female Kaneki Ken ends up dating Tsukiyama Shuu, only she has a list of rules to guide their relationship... ...the first (and most difficult) rule being No Physical Contact Whatsoever. Can Shuu abide by Ken's rules? Even after knowing the reason behind them? *highly recommended that you...

  • Falling Into Your Arms [Tokyo Ghoul: Female!Kaneki x Tsukiyama Shuu] BOOK 3
    7.4K 218 25

    Book 1: My Ugly Self Book 2: Rules of Engagement Book 3: THIS Shuu breaks up with Ken. Ken needs to recover from her past trauma. Shuu needs to take care of his own present problems. What happens when Shuu and Ken don't see each other for years while they're each fighting their own battles? What happens when they meet...

  • My Ugly Self: Tokyo Ghoul [Teenage Tsukiyama x Female Kaneki]
    12K 415 22

    In an alternate reality, Shuu Tsukiyama is a high school senior, the most popular in his class. He has the most money, he throws the best parties, and he's got the best smile. Nobody means anything to him because he doesn't see them as worthy, at least, until an unfamiliar face shows up at one of his parties...a girl...

  • A Race Against Time (Black Butler x Reader)
    44.6K 1.2K 11

    When a trip to your grandmothers doesn't go as planned, you find yourself face to face with the characters from Black Butler. What happens when your time with them runs out? (This will be a ReaderxSebastianxCielxAloisxClaude) DISCLAIMER: I do not own Black Butler or the characters from Black Butler, I only own this...