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  • Sun Dance, Moon Charm
    476 4 29

    Luna Patience Davari is a former agnostic girl who just came to Christ after the witness of her close friends. She was raised by freaks, musicians, artists and bohemians so naturally she was artistic and poetic. Inspired by Native American, Celtic, African and Norse music and art, she tries to write through her life a...

  • The Ragamuffin Path
    2.2K 104 76

    Elijah Rowan Killinger has bipolar disorder. Along with the severe moodswings she has been addicted to pornography and is struggling with binge-eating disorder. She is a recovering cutter and finds it difficult to believe that she can be forgiven for the sins partakes in. She's lost friends, health, loved ones to deat...

  • The Wofford Cycle
    191 2 79

    Kathryn Isabella Wofford has bipolar disorder. Along with the battles of a mental illness, she is also battling against demonic forces on her own. She lives in confusion, anxiety, and remorse over the loss of a friend. A silent mouth, but a screaming soul, she picks up a pen and begins to script out her pain, resentm...