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  • Bad Boy Blueprint
    562K 20.7K 26

    ❝In which dorky, quirky, super-duper nice and anything-but-cool, Liam Argent, transforms into a loud, arrogant and belligerent bad boy in hopes of catching the eye of a girl who's clearly not worth it.❞ Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved. [extended summary inside] [very ROUGH draft: plot holes, grammar mistakes, and...

  • Back to Barnes // the winter soldier
    479K 15.9K 26

    Get him out of Gehenna. Get him to Shield. He's your prisoner. He's your responsibility. Don't form a soft spot for him. Don't become the hero here. Don't take his place. Don't let them take you. Don't fall in love with him. You're going to get yourself killed. He's not worth it. // Takes place directly after CA:TWS...

  • A Ripple In Time | Captain James Nicholls
    89.7K 2.6K 31

    "Countless choices define our fate: each choice, each moment, a moment in the ripple of time. Enough ripples and you change the tide." The night has fallen. The walking shadows emerge to gorge on the only thing that keeps them living. Izabella Brighton is one of these shadows. She is one with the night but walks in...

    Completed   Mature