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  • The Project (Completed)
    816 59 23

    A deadly chase begun when 15 year old Carolynn Freesoul found herself in connection with the hideous institution of Project Seraphims called The Defiance- a race dedicated to rid the world from demons. In her years of being an orphaned kid, she never thought of anything this vicious to poison her walled, isolated dyst...

  • The Keeper (A CHBP story)
    148 8 4

    May knew her luck was horrible. Not only did she let the monsters escape their hunt, but she was also beaten up pretty good by a mysterious hooded man. Now, she was send back to her old camp to take a little break. Not knowing that she is in on a lot of trouble. Jem likes pretty girls, especially if they are completel...

  • Spike, Dunk and LOVE
    1.5M 11.6K 2

    They spike their destiny.... Dunk the reality... And fall in love all over again...

    2.2K 19 16

    CHAPTER I - I am a Demigod CHAPTER II - Gigante de Montalban CHAPTER III - The Demigod Village at Mt. Banahaw CHAPTER IV - The Governor Returns CHAPTER V - The Claiming CHAPTER VI - Lapu-Lapu's Medallion CHAPTER VII - A World Destruction CHAPTER VIII - The Task for the Unclaims CHAPTER IX - The Black Balete of Banaha...

  • So much for my happy ending
    1M 9.5K 58

    Regrets and mistakes... Will there be a happy ending for them? This is just a fan fiction, made for KaRa shippers. I do not know any of the characters personally. Pure entertainment lang po.