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  • A Stolen Spell
    42 12 2

    A Stolen Spell is part of Bewitching Desires, A Savannah Coven Anthology. Isadora Blackwood is a shy, reserved librarian. She’s passionate about history and preservation and happens to be the keeper of the histories for the witches of Savannah, a job she takes very seriously. Spells, stories, and memoirs lie in her ca...

  • Operation: Tom Foolery.
    515 49 3

    Maddison Leary can't stand her job. She wishes she could quit but can't afford it. Things start to look up when her usually mean spirited boss Angela asks for her help to organize an April Fools' Day prank to play on her brother Tom. Maddison is relieved to see Angela's fun and playful side until she realizes there is...

  • Meeting at O'Mally's
    12 2 1

    The amusing anecdote of two friends, vying for the heart of the same woman, in an Irish tavern.

  • The Heart of a Hunter
    40 7 1

    A paranormal romance from Bewitching Desires: A Savannah Coven Anthology. The Heart of a Hunter is the story of Ashley Evergreen, a spoilt young witch searching for excitement, who may have found more than she needs. This Halloween will be quite the challenge, as Ashley must break a love spell, defeat her enemy and e...

  • Magical Shift
    12 8 1

    Magical Shift: paranormal romance Part of the anthology Bewitching Desires A Savannah Coven Anthology Paige has always been a loner. After the death of her nana, she takes solace in her job and taking long runs in the woods. Her usual place of solitude is threatened by an unknown presence and a rather handsome myster...

  • The Half Killed
    5.8K 249 8

    Dorothea Hawes has no wish to renew contact with what lies beyond the veil. After an attempt to take her own life, she has retired into seclusion, but as the wounds on her body heal, she is drawn back into a world she wants nothing more than to avoid. She is sought out by Julian Chissick, a former man of God who wants...

  • The Firstborn
    1.5M 76.3K 24

    Sophia has sacrificed everything for her younger sister, Lucy. She has removed them from the only home they ever knew, taken on the care of Lucy's illegitimate son, George, and even assumed the role of a widow and mother in order to erase all hint of scandal from the boy's birth. But rumor continues to follow them lik...

  • The Bride Price
    563K 32.8K 24

    To save her family from scandal, Emily Collicott must marry. Ruined in her first season in London, she is given no choice but to wed her father's pick for a husband, or be cast out from her home. Emily agrees to marry William Hazlitt, a man she hardly knows. But William remembers her. Growing up as a tenant on her fat...

  • First Position
    23.8K 1.3K 6

    Therese has a problem. Everyone at the ballet academy where she teaches is thrilled to have Luca Durante, the reigning star of the ballet world, as their guest artist for the school's performance of The Nutcracker. There's one difficulty: Therese has a history with Luca, and though she hasn't seen him for seven years...