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  • Appa! I'm Hungry! 2 (Sequel) [EXO Fanfic]
    13.7K 580 6

    The sequel of Appa! I'm Hungry! If you didn't read the first book, please go read it. But it's okay if you didn't read the first one. Hieun, a normal girl. Hieun, EXO's girl. This made things difficult. When Hieun decide to be with Xiumin, she thought everything will be fine. Except, it isn't. Luhan, her first love...

  • Appa! Be Happy! (EXO FanFic)
    8.5K 350 2

    Hieun, a 3rd year Magic University student. As an end of the year test, she is assign to make 12 people happy. The problem is, she sucks at magic, so she accidentally change herself to a little girl. With only 1 year, she is determine to make 12 people happy. At the end, will she get a A+ or will she fail?!