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  • Fantasy Roleplay
    7.9K 109 24

    Welcome to this world of elves, merfolk, faeries and other mythological creatures ✨ Many spots are open, but some are limited! First come first serve!!

  • Fantasy RP
    9.9K 132 35

    Before you come journey to the mythical lands of Questelan, prepare yourself. Prepare to form allies with your fellow comrades. Prepare to either fill your chalice once more and sing of victories, or to walk away bloody and beaten, but courage never lost. Prepare to meet with death and utter destruction, and to meet t...

  • ~Fantasy Rp!~
    2.9K 123 12

    Join my Fanasty Rp. Got the inspiration from @_deathbywords_ check it out! Okie now Rp! Have fun... :3 Also none of these pictures are mine Started: Sep. 7. 2020

  • Fantasy RP
    1.4K 14 13

    A roleplay for all things magical, from witches to elves to mermaids to dragons.