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  • Truly Originals
    7.9K 258 16

    I Love TVD and TO.... This is my take on all my fav ships! I'm no good at this part so enjoy!

  • The Misadventures Of Caroline Forbes - A Klaroline Fanfiction
    44K 1.8K 35

    This is a Klaroline fanfiction because I love them, and if you ask me Klaus deserves to get his girl already!! #TeamKlaus So this is my story about Caroline finally giving Klaus a chance to show her what no else has before...what it feels like to come first. They'll deal with lies, lovers, murder, and sacrifice, all o...

  • A Lost Soul Returned
    10.6K 213 40

    What if Jace getting stabbed by Glorious affected Sebastian as well. What if it burned away the evil within him but left just enough good for him to survive. Would Johnathan be strong enough to keep Sebastian at bay for good leaving Clary with the brother she'd always wanted or would the evil resurface tearing them ap...