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  • 9394 Roses (Eren x Reader AU)
    361 23 8

    Roses. They're the epitome of cliche and used way too often for my liking. You see this classic flower everywhere before Valentine's day, you see them as a symbol for love and commitment. That's another reason: this so-called "love." Is it love if you flaunt it around to every passing girl? Is it love if every sweet w...

  • Give Me a Purpose
    228 29 11

    Haunted by a past known to no one else, Mikasa usually likes to keep to herself. Depending only on her and her abilities, she's quiet, secluded. She doesn't talk much. Her inner demons whispering to her at all moments, constantly reminded of her confinement by the titans and humans alike. Eren Yeager, known as the sui...