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  • Fate ~ Levi X Reader
    196K 9.3K 25

    This is you. You decided to forget about relationships. All the pain and suffering you have gone through with each guy. Every date and relationship ends up negative. So you being 27 and still no boyfriend, you decide to call it quits. And that means starting a family of your own. How is that possible,conceiving a chil...

  • May the Best Man Win (Levi x Reader x Eren)
    222K 6.5K 27

    Levi and Eren made a bet to win a certain someone's heart . They thought it was easy, turns out that it may be the most difficult challenge so far in their life. They end up trying to win the same girl, which only leads to trouble. This girl is you. They can't get over you apparently. Someday there is going to be a ch...

  • Levi x Reader x Eren | Helpless
    219K 6.3K 13

    [discontinued] You start your sophomore year and befriend a new person, Eren Jaeger. Through the year a certain someone catches your eye; but Eren does not like him one bit.