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  • Elevator Encounters (Completed)
    1.3K 92 2

    Four different people, four different stories, one lesson learnt.... Like they say: "Things are yet to happen.. Life is yet to go.. This is just a bend, not an end."

  • ItzAagna's Edits
    2.5K 484 52

    It's a world of my edits 😊

  • Happy Birthday Ayesha
    240 37 2

    Birthday wishes to Ayesha

  • Khamoshi (One shot)
    624 43 1

    I had written it on India forums long time back..its based on Raj n Naina.Its a non-LRL fic..

  • The fires of spring
    3.7K 215 7

    Starting a new RN story, again a different tract, though the settings and characters will remain the same.

  • You are Mine- RN One Shot
    1.3K 67 1

    A random one shot on Rajveer and Naina... Contains Mature content... Kindly read at your own free will.. Those who are not comfortable with such stuff.. Please skip reading this one..

    Completed   Mature
  • Its Karela(Riya Sanyal)'s Bday Today😈
    134 10 1

    Birthday wishes fr u riya!❤

  • Fifty shades of Mrs. Shekhawat.
    1K 64 2

    Children shoo away. 18+..please have a look

    Completed   Mature
  • Pyar Ka Dard Hai
    18.6K 1.2K 17

    Rajveer Naina shot

  • illegitimate marriage
    44.9K 2.3K 31

    Cl sakti chandra 's murder case Rajveer 's trial ..........Rajveer and naina's relationship get public and is considered unethical and illegitimate Naina takes a bold step to save rajveer. order to save rajveer from this fire of conspiracy. .....she ends up burning herself. .....

    Completed   Mature
  • Happy Independence Day
    88 14 1

    celebrating our Independence Day

  • Melancholic Phase
    15.6K 959 20

    Rajveer Naina story after having a baby

    Completed   Mature
    4.9K 268 5

    Rajveer Naina short story!

  • Barun Sobti's Interview on JuzzBaatt
    931 37 1

    English transcription of the interview of Barun Sobti and Zain Imaam with Rajeev Khandelwal on Zee TV's chat show JuzzBaatt. I have made this translation on request from fellow Barun Fans who wanted to hear his thoughts in his first full fledged interview.

  • The Scolding.............
    4.3K 296 4

    Rajveer naina story

  • A Piece of Soul
    1.2K 79 2

    One shot on Rajveer and Naina..

  • Ek Umar
    2.7K 153 3

    Rajveer naina story To make a beautiful life together

  • Happy Birthday To My Dearest Friend Ayesha😚😚😚
    89 10 1

    I Wish You Many Many Many Many Happy returns of the Day My Sweetest friend...May You Have Amazing and funfilled Day...May God filled all your dreams sweetheart(Aameen) I Hope Your Day Is full Of happiness and laughter. May the coming Year Brings All The Joy And Blessings You Wish For😘😘😘😘😘 Bar Bar Din Yeh Aaye B...

  • rasm-e-mohabbat...........har Ek Pal Firaq Ka Har Ek Pal Visaal Ka
    4.5K 289 5

    Rajveer naina story....... to love unconditionally... to hold hands when the road is tough.... to survive all the ods and fulfill promise of love.....

    Completed   Mature
  • The Path Less Travelled.
    18.2K 1.1K 33

    Hi guys! I am starting a new RN story. It has the same charecters and settings, just a slightly different tract. Please do read and review!

  • Oh saathi Re... LRL Relived.... Rajveer Naina Forever...
    4.4K 154 5

    Hi all actually abhi mere exams hue nhi h but dil me khalbali machi hui h u know raina fever chada h so I want to recreat the magic of lrl in my own style same concept but with diff twist n turns If u wanna read plzz comment I will update it but 15 days basis means 2 weeks me 1 part but after my exams I will updat...

  • kuchh rang pyar ke aise bhii
    13.9K 638 40

    hello every one... specially all Rajveer Naina fans... here i m back with another fanfiction ( imaginary story ) on Rajveer and Naina... this is my 7th ff... hope so u all will like it too...this ff is not related with aarmy...its from non- army back ground.. previously i have written on RN but on army back ground...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rajveer Naina : An Eternal Love Story
    28.4K 907 18

    Love!! What is love? Everyone has their own definitions of love.. For me, if it is not crazy, it is not love!! Love has to pure,selfless..Love knows no boundaries..Love is just love. Rajveer Naina define love for me..These two names means the world to me..Some years ago we all got to see an amazing show..Left Right...

  • Rajveer- Naina - Tu Jaane Na (OS)
    2K 70 3

    What happens when you have been trying your best not to act on your feelings, but the person provokes you? What happens when frustration and anger turns into jealousy which leads you to lose control over your emotions? After the mentorship program, Rajveer has distanced himself from Naina as he realised his feelings f...

  • Diary of Anne frank
    29K 356 7

    Diary of Anne frank

  • Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai ❤️ Lyrics ❤️
    1.2K 67 26

    "Kaisa yeh pyaar hai" is one of my most favorite serials of all time. I fell in love with Angad and Kripa! Recently, I have been thinking about Angad-Kripa a lot. So, I have decided to write all the lyrics of KYPH. I have posted all the lyrics that I knew. If I am missing any, please please please let me know. All t...

  • Few Ways to annoy Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, in a healthy way 😂❤️
    2.7K 104 9

    I'll be posting some ways that can annoy our Captain Rajveer Singh Shekhawat, in a healthy way😂😂❤️❤️And I want you guys to comment what he might end up reacting! This is just for fun! So if anyone gets offended, please let me know. I love Rajveer a lot❤️❤️

  • Tu Hai Meri Chahat - Sujal-Kashish -TS(Two Shots)
    573 16 2

    This is Two Shots on Sujal-Kashish! They are one of my most favorite couples It is my first time writing on SK, so please forgive any mistakes! This takes place after Sujal insults Kashish regarding her and Piyush's closeness- Episode 9! - Kahin Toh Hoga! Do give feedback!

  • Kabeer-Ananya - The Sweet Apology (OS)
    375 20 1

    This OS is based on the show Reporters

  • Rajveer Naina Forever!! ❤️❤️
    1.1K 35 3

    Okay, i'm not at all a creative person but i'm in love with Rajveer Naina ( always was and always will be !! 😛) . And that love has brought out the creative person in me!! I will post whatever i make about Rajveer Naina here!! Hope you enjoy:)