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  • Stumble [Rewrite]
    2.6M 134K 72

    Sakura wanted to die. Sasori was fine with staying dead. But it seemed fate had other plans for them, because when they both wake up younger with blood pulsing through their veins, they had to remember how to live again. Time Travel AU Rewrite of Stumble (2013) Cover by: @SkyKnight_ BETA: @OfCloves

  • Smoke and Mirrors ▹ Alec Lightwood [1]
    754K 29K 50

    ❝I said that I was in love with you. That's what you heard, right? That I'm in love with you.❞ ( THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS ) ( CITY OF BONES, CITY OF ASHES, CITY OF GLASS ) ( BOOK ONE )

  • Merlin One Shots
    444K 16.5K 99

    ***Requests are currently closed!*** A series of one shots, headcannons, and drabbles by yours truly! It will include: Fluff Gwaine Freylin Angst Ships Freylin Gwaine's hair Freylin And crack THERES GONNA BE A HECK-TON OF FREYLIN OK? I hope you like it! My goal (though perhaps somewhat unrealistic) is to someday get t...

  • Twist And Shout
    1.3M 29K 13

    THIS IS NOT MY BOOK!!! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS BOOK!!!! The original book Twist and Shout by the author from achiveofourown (Gabriel (AO3)) ALL THE CREDITS GOES TO GABRIEL AND STANDBYME!!

  • Falcon || Jurassic World
    206K 5.1K 10

    "Blue might be my Beta, but Falcon is my baby girl." Owen Grady hates to play favourites with his raptors but Falcon was just that - his favourite. She'd been born smaller than her siblings, and with a little help from some genetic manipulation, way smarter. She can understand human speech and comprehend human emotion...

  • stand at the abyss, you fall to your knees (a Divergent fanfiction)
    644K 16.9K 20

    (Eric/OC) Tobias leaves more behind in Abnegation than just his father. When his little sister follows in his footsteps, he does what he can to keep her in Dauntless, and out of others' hands.

  • moods / phan
    2.3M 127K 39

    in a world where your moods are visible above your head, displayed through pictures and icons, it's impossible to hide your true feelings. however dan howell seems to be lacking this. labelled as an emotionless freak, dan is outcasted because his moods are never visible. that is, until an endlessly happy boy named phi...

  • Tell Him - Complete
    10.5K 220 12

    Victoria has been accepted into the Kaiba family, things are looking up for her – aside from the strange feelings she has for Seto. But what happens when she encounters a situation from her past and nightmares begin to haunt her when she sleeps. Will she be able to come to terms with the things she witnessed in her ch...

  • Shades of Grey ► Kylo Ren
    12.8K 289 12

    "Do not be so ignorant as to think that no Jedi has dark in him and that no Sith has light in his heart. Having both makes us human. After all, nothing in this world is ever black and white. It is in shades of grey." *In no way, shape, or form affiliated with Fifty Shades of Grey. *Star Wars and the characters/story...

  • To Save a Puppy
    77.6K 2.2K 10

    Joey Wheeler's friends are out of town, his father's in a coma, and the only one there for him is Seto Kaiba. So he goes to live in the Kaiba mansion. They learn things about each other and their hardships they've each been through. Joey is the only one who can thaw Kaiba's frozen heart, and Kaiba the only one to trul...

  • Say Something (Sterek)
    244K 6.9K 8

    The first time Stiles decided it was probably wise to let sleeping werewolves lie

  • Fading Echoes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 1
    81.8K 2.3K 11

    "Ekka, don't you want to play with the other kids?" Jean asked as she entered the room where Ekka had been hiding away, only staring out a large window. "No thank you," she said softly, not taking her eyes away from the children who had been taking advantage of the sunny day, and was playing loudly. "Why not? It's a...

  • paper thin (phan)
    1M 54K 24

    *'BEST PHANFICTION' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2018)* Daniel has anxiety and crumples paper to calm himself down. Phil has ADHD and diminishes hearts to bring himself up.

  • The Spark | Sterek
    33.9K 958 6

    Derek and Stiles take a long time to realize that a fire always starts with a single spark. / "Why do I need Stiles?" Derek asks, and Dr. Deaton says, "Ahh, but that's the lesson." Or: you can't run forever. Derek/Stiles.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Pair of Alphas
    274K 11.6K 35

    Stiles just couldn't take it anymore. His once peaceful town had turned into a mess of discord and chaos. Someone needed to do something, someone had to bring order to the steadily growing turmoil in Beacon Hills. Stiles is sad to say it might just be him. Slash. AU. Developing Sterek.

  • Withering Wishes . • . X-Men Fanfic . • . BOOK 2
    34.9K 1.2K 15

    Ekka didn't blink. She didn't say a word. She didn't even cry. She simply laid back on her bed and turned away from Xavier. "Ekka? Do you understand? We can get you help." "I should have killed you when I had the chance," Ekka finally said, loud enough for the man to hear. ~.•*•.~.•*•.~.•*•.~.•*•.~.•*•.~.•*•.~.•*•.~ ...

  • Bruised Hands [joshler]
    59 2 2

    "Pain is something that we all experience, the only thing that makes some people different is that they choose to try and beat that pain."

  • Angsty Tony One-Shots
    190K 4.8K 18

    A collection of One-Shots, each chapter is a separate story, where Tony Stark plays the main lead. Includes: Soulmate AU, Very Insecure Tony, MPreg AU, Evil Steve, Good Guy Steve. All the angst.

    Completed   Mature
  • Marvel Imagines 2
    5.6M 208K 200

    Made: November 5, 2015. Completed: February 15, 2016.

  • Marvel Imagines
    12.7M 396K 200

    Completed. Second book is Marvel Imagines 2. Made: 11 May 2015 Completely: 6 November 2015

  • Gunpowder & Cinnamon {Fred Weasley}
    5.9M 348K 103

    Book 2 Everyone knew the story of the Boy Who Lived. But many weren't familiar with the story of the Girl Who Knitted. Eleanor Ross knitted her way to victory, her knitted garments protected those who fought against the Dark Lord and his followers, and to think it all started with a prank. Back in their fifth year of...