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    [ Feel free to request! ] ▪You can request a BTS MEMBER × YOU ▪You can request a BTS MEMBER × BTS MEMBER (yes you can request a BOY×BOY haha) ▪You can request a BTS MEMBER × OC (original character/your name) ▪You can request SMUT, FLUFF and others (if you know what I mean :>) ▪You can request ANY ONE-SHOTS!~ [ OC's ar...

  • Rêveur {SOON}
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    I dreamt of meeting someone I can be with forever... I'm still dreaming...

  • |[ frivolous to you - Jeon Jungkook ]|
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    |[ BTS jeon jungkook fanfic ]| I like you, she likes you, you like her. I'm so frivolous to you now.

  • BTS $aS@3nG BOOK
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    Hello and welcome to BTS SASAENG BOOK! Since I have a lot of BTS pictures, I decided to post it here :3 At first I planned posting the pics at my other PICTURE BOOK "Funny Pix" but I thought there are some readers that doesn't even know BTS qvq Sooo yeah lol Welp. Enjoy the book! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE PICTURES...

  • My Tsuundere Demon and Yandere Angel {SOON}
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    This harem is making me crazy! Living at the same roof with 2 annoying, unpredictable, stupid and idiotic girls isn't easy! Some pervert guys would say its great but its not!!! Because.... Those two girls I talked about are different... They're demonic and heavenly...

  • Love Live。 Live Life。
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    A BIG BOOK FULL OF 씨발-ry。

  • Funny Pix
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    rid da title duh

  • ☆ My Drawings ☆
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    Well many people suggested that I should share my drawings here lol so yeah... You guys should rate my drawing, feel free to tell me how bad it is and to how am I going to improve my drawing. Thanks and enjoy~

  • Love Triangle {under construction - hiatus}
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    I'm stuck, stuck in this stupid puzzle, in this stupid love triangle... I want to get out! But, if I want to get out, I'll have to choose... But its really difficult to choose... If I chose the wrong one, everything would get messed up and many people would get heartbroken... And if I chose the right one, everything w...