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  • Silly Little Castle
    14.5K 2K 50

    In the part of the world known as the Bay of Sorrows, two great powers, Aupana and Sellexu, are on the brink of war. Foxes is charged with delaying the Sellexun invasion by holding the last forgotten border fort between these two ancient enemies. But Foxes has been raised to know that the war between two human armies...

  • Next Big Recognition Contest
    130K 7.3K 127

    This is a contest designed to help expose your novel to the greater Wattpad community. Whether you just joined Wattpad or have been an active member for years, the sole purpose of this contest is to assist in the recognition of your book. NBR'S CURRENT CHAMPION REVIEWER: @LLMontez Testimony: I am floored at the level...