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  • His Pretended Fianceé
    13.4K 1.3K 38

    Statutory warning: the humour is intended for simple entertainment, author does not intend to offend any person, character or norms of society in any way. To pretend is to act. When we pretend to act like someone, we gradually transform into a person and the outcome is not always hunky dory Who can forget the famous f...

  • SS-Stuck In The Elevator - #MissionDesi
    3.5K 323 12

    What happens when a 15 year-old NRI girl, gets stuck in an elevator with someone who she'd never expect.

  • The Book Of Bollywood Memes
    11.1K 913 12

    Here all of the crew members bring you... BOLLYWOOD MEMES.

  • Ishq wala love
    6.7K 324 12

    This story is about a boy and girl's different love story! Characters: Varun Dhawan as Akhil Shraddha Kapoor as Samantha Siddharath Malhotra as Deepak Aliaa Bhatt as Priyanka Friend characters : Julie, Rohan, Aliya,Mukti, Manik. Rest of the normal characters.

  • Fab 4
    597 79 3

    This is a story about 4 friends who have been there for each other every path of their life. They are always together and are inseparable. People swears on their friendship. They have been friends since forever and care for each other a lot. They can't see each other getting hurt. So guys come and join us in the journ...

  • Alia's Destination
    586 78 8

    This I like a mini ALIA bhatt world. You will get everything regarding her - news, gossips, latest movies, fun facts etc. Alia bhatt edits will be given. Alia bhatt books will be given shout outs. So all the ALIA fans out there THIS IS FOR YOU. If you want to be in the ALIA family, just write in on the introduction ch...

  • Best FRIENDS Forever?
    14.5K 1K 63

    What happens when you find Love In Your Best friend? Complications? Weird? Best Feeling? Well, Read a journey about two best friends falling for two best friends..Will they find their soulmate in their Best Friend or? Read on to find more :) Cast: Kareena Kapoor Alia Bhatt Siddharth Malhotra Varun Dhawan Priyanka Cho...

  • A Tale Of An Indian Marriage
    16.3K 1.2K 14

    Sequel to "A tale of an Indian Wattpad writer" You must read book one to understand book two. The book cover is temporary... #47 in general fiction on 20 June 2016

  • Just Friends (COMPLETED)
    134K 5K 34

    She brightens his days when he least wants to smile. He holds her in his arms and lets her cry when she's down. Everyone around them thinks they're a couple, but all they is "We're Just Friends" But just to give it a thought; is this really possible without the angle of 'love-shav' in it? P.S. : This work is copyright...

  • The Boy Next Door
    11.2K 324 12

    10 years. It'd been 10 years since they last met. So much had changed since then. He no longer wore braces, she no longer needed glasses. He was no longer the shortest boy in school, she was no longer the chubbiest girl. Everything had changed. When Abhi's family moves back to India for a visit, Aneeka and Abhi meet...

  • One Sided Love
    2.5K 312 8

    Cover credits : @dancelover_7564 " Love is not difficult." She used to say this everytime. Meet Saima, a fun-loving and sweet girl. Family and friends are the most important thing in her life. She has fallen in love but with whom you will find out in the story. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ I will not break the suspence of who she...

  • Oh!! Yes I'm Single and So Is My Boyfriend....
    3.5K 151 11

    Story about 3 best friends who start their journey to Bollywood together but will their friendship survive the dark side?? Will they start having the competition and jealousy

  • "Just friends"
    1.1K 61 8

    Everyone thinks Ajay is scary because of his eyes that portray him that way. Everyone knows that the small and innocent looking Diya is fierce and she has even earned the nickname 'tiger'. What happens when these two unite to help one another get with their crush. And what will they do when everyone thinks that they...

  • LoveMeOrKillMe
    768 33 3

    a story about two opposite people cast Sidharth Malhotra alia bhattt n martin Henderson

  • When Love Meets Reality .
    38.2K 1.5K 69

    What do you understand by love ? Sounds good to your ears ? I hope it does . But what is the reality? Sheena is a simple Indian girl . She is heartbroken and keeps on thinking about whatever she's facing in her life . Will her life be the same , like a path full of stones? Thinking all this she realises that it will n...

  • Student of The Year Fanfiction
    50.6K 2.4K 63

    Rich and popular, Shanaya Singhania and Rohan Nanda are exactly what Saint Teresa's Students aspire to be. But will the entry of the new boy Abhimanyu Singh and the two boys rivalry ruin it all?

  • Kya Tum Ho Wohi? [Are You The One?] #MissionDesi
    14.9K 1.4K 24

    This is a story for everyone who has ever had a crush. Many a times we develop a liking for someone but we're afraid to express these feelings because we don't know how they'll react. Most of the time you're having an internal battle between your heart and mind, where the mind says he'll never like you like that but s...

  • Paranormal
    3.6K 377 27

    Zara lives in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned looking house, but what does Krish have to do with this and why is he bothered? Alia as Zara Malik Shraddha as Kia Menon Sidharth as Krish Tandon Varun as Sunny Arora

    Completed   Mature
  • "Kaisa Ishq Hai" #2 ( What love is this?) - " The Aisha and Armaan Trilogy. "
    5.7K 431 25

    After the initial accident, Aisha Fernandez tries to reconcile with Armaan Kapoor to delve deeper into the mystery surrounding the famous Kapoor family. With luck, she receives mysterious letters from a stranger who is adamant of helping her to solve the Natasha Dobriyal case. The incident changes everyone, especiall...

    2.8K 95 4

    Just Short Fanfics on the Bollywood actors and actress.. you request we write ... { A story is only one chapter big so there are many stories ..just like imagines ..}

  • Confused Souls
    7.8K 323 13

    Alia loves varun but varun and shraddha are together. She thinks so. siddharth loves shraddha but she was committed before and she probably likes varun now. He thinks so. Varun misses alia but she doesn't have time for him as she is with Siddharth. He thinks so. Shraddha has a crush on siddhaarth but he is with alia...

  • Sidlia Oneshots
    19.5K 835 18

    Okay I really really love sid and alia together. I mean they were phenomenal in kapoor n sons and i can only imagine what they'll do in a full fledged romantic film and they are dating each other. Brilliant! Ok so i should just shutup and get to the point. These are oneshots on alia and sid. I'll keep adding more and...

  • My Best Friend's Wedding
    902 55 7

    "I don't know how to feel now.." "How would anyone?" Abhi and Layla's wedding brought everyone together again. But is there someone who wants to be more than close friends.. Alisha studies just as hard as she parties. While Siddarth just studies. What happens when they meet?

  • My red rose{in English}
    169K 11K 63

    ERIC's letter. Jealous red??? My heart skipped a beat. I forgot to breathe. A sharp electric current is running all over my body. Setting my body on fire. My breaths were uneven. I read the remaining letter. "At this moment I need to see your face. Jealousy I love it. Anyways I know you are not interested to know abo...

  • PAST present FUTURE
    4.2K 442 26

    This story is about a girl a really sweet and innocent girl. One word to describe her perfect. She has everything, she is beautiful smart rich. Every boys dream. But she is no at all aware of the world she is too inocent to understand anything. What happens when her friend shows their real colours. What happens...

  • My Best Friend's Cousin
    217K 9.3K 66

    Shanaya Sharma is loved by everyone. She has the most perfect life every girl dreams of. Loving parents, 3 wonderful brothers, and an amazing best friend. When THE Rohan Mehra enters her life in a "Bollywood Dhamaka" way, her life is bound to turn upside down. If he's fire, she's water. If he's winter, then she's sum...

  • LOVE STORY.. Its more than just a book...
    1.9K 134 9

    LOVE STORY... ITS MORE THAN JUST A BOOK. i am sure most of the love stories you have read have a different kind of girl falling for a different kind of boy.. they have there issues.. with time they overcome them and live happily ever after.. but all love stories are not like that. read on to find out about the love st...

  • You Were There [#Wattys2016]
    10.2K 681 17

    Every person we meet has a story to tell. A story which is distinct in it's own way. People have problems, misunderstandings and angst. Some have been badly hurt. Some have been betrayed. Some have been abused. And the hurt, the betrayal, the abuse are not forgotten. One may not think about them, but they still dwell...

  • Is this love ?:)
    299K 10.8K 84

    Arshi Kapoor is a girl who loves to spread happiness..She is the most loved girl in college, and has a boyfriend, Rohan, who she is madly in love with. She cares for everyone more than herself..This girl is smart, full of life ,and beautiful; a guy's dream girl , Her presence lights up a room ..But when she learns tha...

  • love is the last option
    96K 4.7K 53

    "Move", he said rudely. That word hit like a melody to my ears and I was far away in a dreamland. but soon the realisation struck me that I was blocking his way in our chemistry lab. Though it was rude of him to talk in such a manner. I was happy instead, 'The Rishabh Malhotra' talked to me for the very first time. Lo...