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  • this is the wife
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    And you're singing the songs thinking this is the wife

  • Let the Music do the Talking
    866 81 7

    Ever wondered who the people behind the stories are? Well we did and interviewed some of your favourite Wattpad authors. Interviews done by @mistinthemirror.

  • Smell Of Incense
    867 117 21

    Everything you could possibly imagine about classic rock. And if not everything, almost everything. Enjoy!

  • For the Lost Ones
    205 87 15

    Collection of poetry. Dealing with my thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with modern society and finding my place with it. Also works dealing with spiritualism and mysticism.

  • Always Look On the Bright Side of Life by a Non-Professional Writer
    4K 718 91

    A fourth blog book full of shit! Yay! Music, Monty Python, one-shots, games, miscellaneous things, advice for the common bisexual badger, my life, my ideas, and wonders all in one place. Here. Now. Welcome to the show...

  • Beggars Banquet [The Rolling Stones]
    4.6K 344 13

    One Night. One murder & 6 deaths. You don't believe me? Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • Just A Basic B*tch, Really
    750 80 11

    This is literally a tag + rant book, nothing particularly special, but then again this is the Classic Rock Fandom....

  • Glamorous Damage
    1.3K 299 33

    My brand spanking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) NEW and possibly improved bio book. The third one in this dumb series, this book will be full of the same random and weird shit that (may of) made the last ones (somewhat) entertaining.

  • My Rock and Roll Fanasty, Clad in Leather Fanasty
    3.3K 790 100

    Prog, rock, metal, and other things. By Geezer.

    Completed   Mature
  • At the Strand of Nightmares
    12K 2.3K 241

    My fourth blog book. It's not all blogging, I write other crap in here, too. Please check this out and join in the fun!

  • Queen Clichés
    4.7K 404 34

    A bunch of clichés from Queen fics.

    Completed   Mature
  • Junk Book™
    1K 136 15

    Because I really have to stop putting my tags in my Chat Room and everything else in my Conversations page.

  • Have I Gone Insane? A Rock and Roll Blog by Geez
    2.8K 574 101

    A book of music, Monty Python references, bands and some random one-shots, questions and other things. Updated mostly everyday.

    Completed   Mature
  • Heartbreaker (A Jimbert Fanfiction) [BEING UPDATED]
    23.5K 888 23

    Robert is a naïve young man with a burning passion to be a blues singer. Jimmy is a gorgeous musician that offers him a chance to follow his dream. Taking the guitarist up on his offer to make their band - and, by extension, its singer - famous, Robert could scarcely have anticipated falling hopelessly in love with hi...

  • Rock! Paper! Metal!
    3.7K 537 100

    My blog of random rock and metal stuff. Pictures, tags, zodiacs and much, much more.

    Completed   Mature
  • Kits and Coins
    32.7K 1.7K 20

    Life opens up for a young drummer named Roger Taylor. He finds out life isn't always as boring as he thinks when he meets another fellow by the name of Brian May.

  • Not So Invisible Man
    39.1K 2.6K 24

    At age 10, Brian lost his best friend, Roger. He grows up to be cold and distant because of this. 10 years later, Brian begins to experience strange things.

  • Cock of Doom (INTENTIONALLY BAD)
    849 39 1


    Completed   Mature
  • Life of an Egg
    2.3K 119 31

    Pete Townshend was just an ordinary rockstar living the famous life in the year 1969. One night, The Who had a huge Christmas party. Pete got drunk and got in a fight with a wizard, a Pinball Wizard. He wakes up the next morning and discovers he has been turned into an egg, thanks to the Pinball Wizard! Now Pete must...

  • somebody tooOoOoOOOOOOOooooO LOovoooOEOEOSIDWOEOove
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    this story is purposely cringe pls dun shoot meh

  • Led Zeppelin Crack
    17.8K 1.3K 36

    shitposts of a poodle that says babe, satan, a calendar full of tour dates, and a guy who loves beer and whales. RANKED #952 IN RANDOM! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

  • Classic Rock Summer Camp
    2.2K 148 8

    *Amazing cover by the fabulous @LonelyPretzel6!!* Welcome, classic rock fangirls, and join our Summer Camp, where we can share our vinyls, fanfictions, fanart etc. and fangirl all we want. Basically, we'll be surrounded be people who understand us. We might even meet a few musicians with the help of time-travel..... *...

  • Tags and other adventures
    1.8K 325 82

    Challenges, tags, and maybe a few Classic Rock imagines will be seen in this book, the first two are in case you tag me.