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  • Always // Adopted By Brendon Urie [COMPLETED]
    91.3K 1.8K 39

    Georgia Cooper, that was my name. Living my days out at "Miss Avery's Orphanage". Losing your parents, loved ones and friends is one of the hardest things. But, I had to move on, to start a new life... I guess it was in my favour. Being the adopted daughter of Brendon Boyd Urie wasn't as I imagined it... I fucking lo...

  • A Family Affair
    1.8K 495 15

    Ella falls in love on a Parisian trip and leaves with a promise for more. When she comes back home, she finds out he's her sister's new fiance. Enter a world of dangerous secrets, family drama, and taboo love affairs.

  • •The Demon Inside• Brendon Urie X Reader
    219K 6.8K 67

    A story in wich a high ranked demon accidently missed to kill one of his victims and things start to get weird. He doesn't know how to deal with that sort of things. - So, hi first of all. This is my first fanfic. I'll try to write as good as possible. I do not live in an English country, so I hope you don't mind some...

  • Murderer
    2.5K 65 35

    It's so easy to lose sight of who you really are when you're helping the police search for your friend's dead body.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha King's Tribrid Mate
    28.7M 931K 59

    An Abnormality. That is what Nicolette is. A monster that has to be kept hidden from the world. A witch. A vampire. A werewolf. All in one person. Such power in such a small form. Nicolette never thought she had a chance of a mate. Her wolf never bugged her about it for 683 years and she never bothered looking. She...

  • •Venus•
    88.2K 1.9K 26

    Venus is a girl who spends her time reading or exploring, but has an abusive mother and stepfather. She had a bubbly personality but it was ripped away from her. She had to learn how to survive in the cruel environment she was living in. But what happens when her mother dies and she is sent to live with her biolo...

  • Under Their Noses
    257K 6.3K 25

    Izara Maeve De Santis was the light of her family laughs and smiles were brought on their faces, until little Izara was taken away from her family by her mother's sister that she knew little about since she was just a young-len, leaving her with abusive strangers that pose as her step mother and father 16 years later...

  • To Her New Life
    352K 7.2K 23

    At the young age of 3 Abriana was sent away along with her mother Ilaria to live somewhere else by her own father Leo because someone sent him fake photos of his wife Ilaria cheating on him around the same time Abriana was conceived. 4 months after Ilaria left she sent a DNA to Leo, proving the he is the father. Will...

  • Seeing you again
    103K 3K 37

    Francisca was only 10 years old when her mother decided to pack hers and Francisca's things and leave their home along with Fran's father and 2 older brothers. Francisca never knew why her mom suddenly took her and left. She didn't understand how her father and brothers wouldn't want to hear from her as her mother su...

  • Finding Home | ✍🏼
    221K 4.7K 25

    Chiara Romero A young, sweet little six year old girl that was ripped from the place she had lived in for not only a year, all because of her parent's choices. She had to live with the consequences of her parents choices. She had to be re-stitched so many times, just like a doll that has been worn down. But will he...

  • The Lost Princess
    103K 2.5K 27

    Amelia was a prisoner in her own home. Physically and emotionally tortured by her own mother and step family, she had survived it all. When she finally runs away, with the help of people she considers family more than her real one, she accidentally stumbles upon people she didn't even know existed. But to them she wa...

  • Sorellina
    2.7M 72.8K 50

    Eleanor's life is not exactly pleasant. She works for rich men, has to do all kinds of odd jobs, and if she does anything wrong she gets beaten, or worse. The men tell her that her parents left her, and they had debts to them and therefore Eleanor has to work for them. But Eleanor does not believe them, she feels she...

  • Lost and found
    168K 3.3K 18

    16 year old Amelia Is top of her class amazing at basketball and is stunning. Though being an amazing student athlete doesn't stop her mom and step dad from abusing her. Across the country the six ruthless Valentino brothers have been looking for their lost little sister who their mom ran off with 10 years ago. What...

  • Mafia Mans Lost Daughter
    1.2M 30.8K 55

    Bay went deaf at a very young age Bay's Mother was always really good about helping her daughter be in the world, but things took a turn when her Step-Father came into the picture. He would give drugs to Bays Mother and than beat Bay. Her Mother began to associate her daughter getting beaten with the fun of getting hi...

  • Dystopia: Finding The Game Master.{ONGOING}
    256 101 11

    Rachel and Kevin have played games for as long as either of them could remember. A new video game that will change their lives forever arrives at Kevin's doorstep. A game set in the dystopian era. Will these two friends be able to navigate the game and complete it's challenge of finding the game master? Or will they f...

  • The King's Queen✔
    2.5M 72.3K 83

    HIGHEST RANK:- #6 IN WEREWOLF!! -------- I went into her room through the window. She was lying peacefully on her small bed. I went near her and bent to her level, I gently caressed her cheek and growled "Mine". I tucked her hair behind her ear and then saw a huge bruise on her left side of face, a growl erupted from...

  • The Alphas' Deaf Mate. (editing and continuing)
    155K 3.7K 14

    *Caution: I am going through the journey of HEAVILY updating and editing this book from 2016 and I will clarify where the new plot stops* Annora Jacobson was born into pack life. She experienced the worst parts of community living, including being forced out due to her being born deaf. She burned that bridge twelve ye...

  • Abandoned At Birth
    777K 17.9K 57

    Catalia Del Campo is a 16 year old from Spain. She lives with her adopted Grandmother. Her Grandmother found her at her door step when she was still working in Italy. With the sleeping baby was a note that said "please take care of her and name her Catalia". And ever since then her Grandmother took care of her as her...

  • Her heart in her hands
    77.9K 1.6K 13

    Mia Moretti is a 17 year old girl with a humor filled and sarcastic girl. With her mother drunken and passed out the couch and her mother boyfriend the slightly abusive alcoholic. She always tried to look at the brightest side of things. Her coping is tattooing and boxing. But she hopes one day that her father will fi...

  • Help
    1.3M 38.2K 41

    Florence Young was taken by her mother from her brothers when she was five years old. Never forgetting her brothers, she spends everyday longing to go back home to them. She spends everyday remembering the life she used to have. Even ten years later she dreams about going back home to her brothers. Her home life is a...

    Completed   Mature
  • unknown ♫ tyler joseph x reader
    66.6K 2.2K 40

    We were trying. We really were. It seemed as if our previously amazing progress had come to a complete standstill. We were doomed to be nobodies. Then I met you, and suddenly I was hit with a wave of inspiration. Words seemed to spill out when I was with you. We seemed to grow even more. You would stare at the stars...

  • A Blooming Rose
    162K 8K 70

    Book #3 of the Rose series Everly and Mason have had the most beautiful love story. Not only have they had each other to support them with every step in their life, they've also had a beautiful family right behind them, catching them when they fall. They're no longer teenagers, they're 20 years old and adults loving...

  • Not So Little Rose
    363K 13.1K 60

    Book #2 of the Rose series We've all read and adored little miss Everly Rose Carter and have witnessed the daily adventures. Maybe it'll be different now that it's been 12 years. Maybe there will be more adventures! Maybe there will be a love interest? A boyfriend? We all know how much the boys detested the idea of...

  • The Discovery Awards 2023
    3.6K 322 7

    Welcome to the discovery awards! A place for all writers, big and small to come and win prizes and join in a fun friendly competition! Whether your book has one chapter or eighty chapters, you are welcome to join! Now all you wonderful writers, all you have to do is read on and join the discovery awards! Accepting pa...

  • The Lonely Girl
    404K 8K 56

    Little Rose is abandoned and abused. She is left alone, kicked out of the house without a place to go. How will she survive the big world on her own when her little space is her only coping mechanism for here haunting past? Who will help this little girl? This is a ddlg story without mature scenes

    2.2K 313 16

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  • 7 Minutes In Heaven
    8.8K 522 28

    When lead singer Patrick Stump goes missing following an incident with some fans, will Pete, Joe and Andy get there in time to save him?

  • The Victim (Book #1)
    762K 27.5K 61

    Maya Rogers is used to taking care of herself. After living alone with her uncle for years, she has known who she is and what she needs to do to survive. But when she gets hurt and all hell breaks loose, she is taken to a new house with a new family and forced to confront things she never truly understood. Why has she...

  • ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ ✓
    930K 27.6K 59

    Alexa Hart, a seventh grader, does not have a happy life. She's bullied, especially by a boy named Blake, and she has zero friends. Her mother died and her brother is in a coma. Her dad doesn't love her. When he remarries, Alexa gains five more brothers - who absolutely loathes her. Will that ever change? Will Alexa e...

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Girls
    260K 7.4K 37

    I woke up in a strange room. It seemed to be designed for a proper girl, someone completely different to me. The walls were pastel blue, the bed sheets were baby blue with grey cushions and throws and the carpet was a light shade of grey. The room was decorated with little touches that made it like a little girls ro...