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  • Tour That Changed Everything
    72K 2.1K 17

    With little mix tour starting, all the girls have noticed changes in each other but they all thought it was nerves for performing in arenas, boy were they wrong. Just remember girls, what happens on tour doesn't always stay on tour. Cover by: @odboom

  • The Fighter- (Jerrie Fanfiction)
    63.8K 1.5K 23

    **This the sequel to my other fanfic called "Fearless". Jade and Perrie think now that they're together and the past is firmly behind them that they can finally lead a safe, happy life together. But, of course, it was never going to be plain sailing for 'Jerrie', as we've seen before, luck was never on their side. Th...

  • One Shots Jerrie
    184K 2.7K 47

    Some one shots of Jerrie (Jade and Perrie) love,smut and stuff. Enjoy :)

  • New Home ( jerrie )
    23.5K 752 12

    Perrie is 21 and lives with her boyfriend zayn . She starts to work at a coffe shop . But she is also studying music . Everytime perrie is walking to her work she saw a girl in front of the shop . And this girl would not go out of perries mind .

  • Jerrie One-Shots
    622K 14.8K 82

    Yeah...the title is pretty self-explanatory. These are requested Jerrie One-shots

  • Having to run.
    5.5K 152 10

    Jade leaves the UK to get away from the bullies and ends up in a tiny town in America. Funny thing is that there is already a group of kids from the UK living there. She befriends a girl named Perrie and her group of misfits, misfits who changed her life in two days. Now they have to run.

  • Not So Classic {Jerrie}
    74.6K 2.7K 41

    Sequal to "Classic" As we know, Jade and Perrie haven't had the best of luck with all the drama that happened just in the first couple months of knowing each other. Lies, betrayal, love. Now they have decided to get away from everything and move to The Big Apple. New York City, anything is bound to happen right? It al...

  • Breaking the Law. ( Jerrie)
    1.8K 44 2

    Jade and Perrie are inseperable , There's nothings one wouldn't do for the other. But what happens when Perrie bites off a bit more than she can chew just for Jade? will she risk it all or will Jade be left to pick up the pieces for herself?

  • You make me feel brand new (Jerrie one shot)
    2.8K 109 1

    Jade could listen to Perrie talk all day. Well, it's the only thing she can do, really.

  • Love, Perrie (Jerrie)
    42.1K 1.2K 20

    (Sequel to Love, anonymous) Perrie and Jade had a soothing summer planned out for them. They were edging past summer vacation and were near starting their new lives together. They're set free now, or so they think. They're pushing past little love notes thrown in lockers to love letters and texts. They're pushing...

  • Classic {Jerrie}
    148K 4.9K 35

    Perrie and Jade are two regular girls attending the same college. When the two girls become roommates they hit it off right away and shortly becoming good friends. What they both don't know is that they feel the same way about each other after a while. Perrie isn't so sure if what she feels is right but jade knows wha...

  • Demonic Angel (Jerrie)
    35.8K 1.4K 17

    Don't let pretty looks play with your mind. There's dark secrets that lie beneath pretty faces. Jade's been exiled out of heaven and left to roam the streets with curiosity lingering at every corner. Perrie's always been struggling with her life. She finds every day a new challenge. She was special. She always us...

  • Hate that I love you (Jerrie one shot)
    6.1K 152 1

    Jade and Perrie had been nearly inseparable during their childhood, but shouldn't all bonds be broken? Their lives had changed when Perrie and her family move. Years pass and Perrie's back, but this time all has changed for the two. Perrie's attitude is different, displeasing Jade, who gets bothered by it. It was as i...

  • Starring role (Jerrie)
    103K 3K 21

    Jade releases a bitter chuckle, like it was an inside joke, her muscles seeming to go limp as she forgets fighting, it's useless. "It's hard to feel anything when you've become this numb." She mutters, the feeling of tears stinging her eyes and threaten to pour down like a river, but she bites them back. Perrie's mout...

  • Memory (Jerrie multiple part one shot)
    8.4K 264 3

    Jade's been depressed, she has been for a while, but no one considered the theory of the singer to be depressed. Jade found her alone time to be the only time to think, so she wrote. She wrote in the small journal that would be the only thing that Perrie would have left of her. It would be the last thing that anyone...

  • Dangerous (Jerrie)
    109K 3.2K 22

    Jade Thirlwall knew she wasn't one with a nice life, thought she wasn't even supposed to be placed on this planet, but she was and she couldn't change that. She was one of those random faces you would pass by on the street without a second glance. The girl no one cared about. The one that never spoke up in class, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love, anonymous (Jerrie)
    219K 5.7K 29

    Perrie Edwards had always been one to observe Jade Thirlwall from afar, always having the slightest crush on her. It wasn't stalking or peeping, it was a simple crush that evolved into something so much more complicated. One day, Perrie decides things should change. She gathers the courage to begin to leave little mes...

  • Secrets (Jerrie fanfiction)
    391K 8K 28

    Winning x-factor and breaking history , having 3 number 1 hit singles, going to number 4 on the USA charts you'd think Little Mix would be on top of the world right-wrong atleast not for Perrie who is struggling with her feelings for a special bandmate. How long will this go on until secrets are spilled and the truth...