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  • Alice's Restaurant Rock Radio
    7.4K 550 14

    "I am so unsophisticated, my only hope is to circle back around and possibly become sophisticated again." -- casey (@doctorhorrible) ☀︎☼☀︎ in which the great marley eels and co. (sort of) have an epiphany to (maybe) change the world by (possibly, but probably not) going werewolf hunting. inspired by @KeepYourFocus' re...

  • Rimwick
    705K 37.5K 47

    "The night is totally black, now, except for the guardian light of the street lamps. No one is out besides me. I fold my arms, missing my army jacket's warmth, and head home quickly. It's dangerous to be out at night. But I don't run. If you run in Rimwick, something chases you." There are two rules in the small town...

  • 24 Hours in Paris
    2M 55.7K 32

    "Adorably sweet and a brilliant read! It made me feel like I was roaming the streets of Paris without having to leave my couch." - Grace @ HQ Mira finds herself stuck in the city of love with Jake, the playboy athlete she can't stand. What she doesn't expect is for major sparks to fly on their 24-hour adventure. But c...

  • The Faintest Ink (Watty Winner 2015)
    381K 21.5K 103

    Winner of a Watty Award, 2015! In Serrador, your name is your greatest vulnerability. Those with one suffer under a regime of magic and absolute control, while those without are forced to live on the fringes of society. When four unlikely rebels manage to sneak into the Citadel and assassinate the King, his tyrannical...

  • A Study In Pamela Pickett
    5.3K 374 7

    A story in which two people--a mundane author and a self-righteous artist--embark on a journey across the state of Illinois to find a recluse painter, also known as the artist behind Pamela Pickett's favorite mural; "A Study in Women".

  • The Rule of Thirds
    705K 17.9K 24

    Sixteen-year-old Pippa Greene never goes anywhere without her camera. She and her best friend/supermodel-in-training Dace long ago mapped out their life plan: Pippa will be the noted fashion photographer, and Dace the cover girl. But ever since last spring, things have changed for Pippa — and her junior year at Spaldi...

  • Puck You
    20.7M 585K 50

    Grace wants to prove herself by making the men's hockey team at her new school. Will a rivalry with the captain - or an attraction between them - get in the way? ***** When Grace Gillman moves to California, she's determined to play hockey -- even i...

  • Stay Tuned
    1.9M 31.6K 63

    What happens when a #1 news team becomes the top story instead of reporting it? For TV producer Melissa Moore, crisis management comes with the job. From employee disputes to her high-maintenance boss, there’s not much she hasn’t seen or can’t handle. But no one—including Melissa—expects a fistfight during the ten o’c...