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  • Shadows of Blood and Deceit (book two)
    119K 3.9K 13

    Book two 🖤 Avaryn Alastor thought she was a normal teen. Thought. But ever since she moved to Crestwood Academy her life had turned upside down. She had been thrust into a world of magic and deception. A world split between two species. Devara and Greer. The Devaras are beings of light and goodness. The Greer are b...

  • Shadows of Ash and Gold
    535K 17.4K 35

    Avaryn Alastors life couldn't possibly get any worse. That's what she told herself the second her feet crossed the threshold of Crestwood Academy. But boy, was she wrong. She'd never wanted to attend the most prestigious stuck-up school only made for the rich and the smart. She'd never even wanted to apply. But trag...