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  • Listen // Sasunaru
    1.9K 69 1

    Hot morning sex? That's the dream Sasuke and Naruto live in. Smut one shot Extremely kinky ;)

    Completed   Mature
  • Replacing My Sister || FullbusterFic » vonlane
    91.5K 5K 26

    The Namikaze family has fallen along with its kingdom. Two boys escaped and one disappeared in that revolt. Once becoming of age, Naruto decides to sacrifice himself for his sister and contract a matrimony with the Prince, Sasuke Uchiha: a womanizer without remedy who would have to give him an heir. Of course, not eve...

  • Ámame || sasukeuchihadesu » vonlane
    31.3K 4K 35

    En donde Naruto y Sasuke tienen problemas y son forzados a arreglarlos con la ayuda de Kakashi. Y si no fuera tanto, Sakura es una ex que trata de lo que sea para tener a Sasuke. -☀- esto es una traducción de él libro 'Love Me Deeply' escrito por @sasukeuchihadesu un fanfiction de: SasuNaru tengo permiso del autor ori...

  • The Uchiha's Toy || FullbusterFic » vonlane
    203K 8.2K 61

    First part: Ever since Deidara joined the Akatsuki, he's only been a toy for the organization, tortured and abused by everyone. His hopes fall on Itachi Uchiha, the one at fault for having to live this way, for having to feel so much hate and yet... the one at fault for starting to fall in love with him. When he'...