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  • The Demigod Games
    14.8K 724 25

    Welcome to The Demigod Games, where two children from each god or goddess are put in an arena to fight to the death. But this year isn't a usual year, and these won't be the usual games. You see, this year is the year of the 75th Demigod Games. A Quarter Quell. And these games will be anything but normal.

  • Percy Jackson/Hunger Games crossover XD
    2.8K 190 14

    Hades: Why does Zeus get to rule all the gods just because he's the sky god? I can kill! Poseidon: Yes, brother. But you can't kill Zeus. Hades: You are correct. If I cannot unleash my wrath on our immortal family, how will I prove that I'm worthy? Poseidon: I see your predicament, but I know how to solve it. I propos...