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  • 1-4-3 (I Love You) [OneShot]
    3.1K 63 1

  • I want a Hug [exo chanyeol oneshot]
    3.5K 69 1

    You and chanyeol fooling around in the rented park. Yup he rented it for you two till sunset

  • Zelo the Badboy
    26.3K 749 9

    Bad boys are attractive aren't they? Especially when they turn good for you. ESPECIALLY EVEN WHEN IT'S CHOI JUNHONG.

    2.2K 50 3

    You are a normal being that fell in love with your childhood friend Kai. What would happen if you know that your love is forbidden? Shall you continue loving him or be scared of what he is?

  • Zelo And I
    1K 11 1

    Freaky Fantasies

  • It Started With a Kick (Luhan One Shot + Sequel)
    185K 5.6K 36

    A unique love story that started with a kick. LUHAN of EXO

  • Daehyun's imagines
    149K 2.3K 59

    Credit to admin chae and admin ryn on @bap(underscore)thoughts on twitter, and Facebook page 'Daehyun's cheesecake'

  • One Shot [BAP] (Being Rewritten)
    32.9K 562 27

    Bang Yongguk has a little sister, 20 year old Bang Yonghae is secretly working with the NIS. To protect her brother and his gang she had to betray him.

  • Kpop imagines
    17.6K 249 11

    Its a imagines of all kpop idols if you want to request, comment or message me. This is my first time so please go easy on me thanks.~^^

  • One Love [A Zelo Love Story]
    29.5K 505 22

    "The lime light means nothing, when no one cares who you really are off the stage..."

  • One Shot (B.A.P Fan Fiction)
    5.9K 106 14

    Youngjae is held captive, and we need to save him. Our mission is to find $10,000,000 to save him. We plan it and get ready because we only have ONE SHOT! All Rights Reserved. Copyright © DiegoCaliforniaSwag 2013

  • Can't Be With You Anymore
    3.3K 87 4

  • A wolf who fell in love (Exo fanfic)
    1.1M 28.5K 48

    ( Do not plagiarize). What if a wolf and a human fell inlove with each other? Will they take the risks?

    7.7K 113 14

    EXO Imagines Everywhere (Allowed to Request) My imagines are a little Bit Long hope it's fine. P.S. Luckybacon004 I was inspired to write and imagine book because of you after you wrote my request Thank you very much and I'm making such a big deal of this hahahah....

  • Zelo The Badboy SEQUEL
    10.3K 416 7

    What happens when you get the boy but you're losing him to the world?

  • B.A.P Imagine - Zelo
    3.5K 30 1

    A Imagine with B.A.P's maknae Zelo with a bit of Youngguk ^_^

  • Bangtan Boys Imagines
    6.7K 126 4

    This is a collection of Imagines made by me and only by me. This is all my work :) please do not copy. The imagines are about bangtan boys if you want to request imagines please message me here...

  • Fluffy Hearts: Let's Pretend
    184K 2.8K 9

    [ exo; baekhyun; oc; sehun; chanyeol ] I am almost over you... almost.

  • Guardian Angels (Complete)
    30.2K 1K 27

    "I want to walk side by side with you at least once, just once." -Sumi "I want to protect you always." -Suah "As your guardian, I will block out that strong wind." -Myungsoo "Even if everyone turns their back against you, on hard days, I will wipe your tears." -Kris "I have come to love you now, there's no place f...

  • collide[BAP,BTS,EXO] one shot
    237 5 1

    3 groups, 1 event and well... in this story the 3 bands meet eachother.... its not really much, but, I'm just bored ok sorry but my spelling isn't good, so yeah, I hope u may consider btw, dis is year 2012 yep, I made BTS an active group in year 2012, but hey its a fanfic, anything can happen hehe

  • Z E L O The Letters that spelled True Love {COMPLETE}
    18.7K 456 27

    A 15 year old girl named Ella gets a call from her big brother Daehyun from B.A.P. He tells her that she has the opportunity to come with him on tour and maybe sing. She had lost her first love less than 2 years ago. She ends up falling for Zelo. Does he have the same feelings? Will they become more than friends? Can...

  • Bap scenarios :)
    7.1K 130 6

    what would happen if BAP members are part of ur life? Here are some scenarios of each members with u in different situations!! (:

  • My Loveable Gangster
    117K 2.2K 37

  • Infinite Oneshots
    7.9K 103 8

    1.5M 49.8K 90

    A fanfic short story/ imagine of a girl that escaped life's bitter reality and found a new world. But as she embraced the new environment and Independence she saw life's another face. Inspired by BTS's Visual Jin, Vocals Jimin and Leader Rapmon. PS. Im Suga biased tho. <3 Enjoy reading and please leave comment/sugges...

  • KPOP Random ♥
    5.4K 146 49

  • K-Pop One Shots
    310K 2.7K 63

    One shot where unreal things happen with your bias ;)