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  • Nursing a Grudge: An Earl Walker Mystery
    429K 5.9K 28

    WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN? With the nursing home about to close for good, can a grumpy old man find a killer—and figure out his relationship with his new lady friend—before all the suspects move away? Read this novel on your Kindle Fire, iPad, tablet or smart phone! Get the free app here: http://www.wattpad...

  • A Dose of Death
    15.2K 944 22

    A Dose of Death Helen Binney Mysteries book #1 by Gin Jones From debut author Gin Jones comes a clever new sleuth in the traditional cozy genre... As the former governor's wife, Helen Binney is used to being in charge. So when illness and two pushy nieces force her to take on a visiting nurse, Helen uses every tric...

  • Detective
    300K 16.8K 17

    "Never underestimate the power of a decent vocabulary." • • • Imagine if you could hear everything your neighbor did on the other side of the wall. Cook - clean - masturbate? Detective Russell Crane quickly deducts that the wall in his new apartment is surprisingly thin. And that his female neighbor has a fondness...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bullets & Bonnets [A Graphic Novel] [2016 Wattys Winner]
    19.2K 802 16

    A freed slave and the widow of a rich land owner from the South are now vigilantes in the wild west. But in a world like ours, can anyone ever be free? Winner of the 2016 Visual Storytelling Wattys Highest Rank: #29 in Action Updates once a week.

  • The Case of the Flashing Fashion Queen
    22.2K 1.2K 26

    Tired of getting no respect at the big P.I. firm where she's worked for years, Dix Dodd has hung out her own shingle at the ripe age of 40. There are plenty of cheating husbands to go around and Dix has a knack for busting them. Problem is, it doesn't always pay so well. Conscious that the guys back at the old firm ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Hard Feelings
    247K 16.1K 19

    Dexter and Hadley started off as lovers but ended up as best friends, and that, to them, was the best thing that could have happened to their relationship. But everything they'd ever known about their friendship is thrown off course when they wake up in bed with each other one morning... wearing their birthday suits.

  • Huffing
    313 6 1

    Nick Clearwater left the Kashechewan Nation Reservation in Ontario, Canada six years ago. Now he has to face his fears and go back on the sad occasion of his brother’s death.

  • (Do Not Read Back Up Copy)
    17.8K 855 19

    During the summer after her high school graduation, Hailey Anderson, daughter of a crooked Washington senator, moves out of her father's house to begin her life outside of a broken home. Heart set on spending a carefree summer with her Mom, Hailey assumes her travel plans are foolproof, until a run in with Caleb Evan...

  • Lord Beast
    260K 2.2K 3

    An adaptation to the fairy tale "Beauty and the Beast", Rhys Ashcroft is vain and arrogant until a near-fatal accident brutally maims his features. Presumed dead, Rhys resides alone in Falmouth Castle, away from society which was just the way he preferred. Enter Danielle Carmichael: a curious country miss who is drawn...

  • The Pledge of Daughters (Conduit)
    2.1M 25.6K 29

    Amisra has lived seventeen years without ever meeting any man, but she knows it's a matter of time before she faces-and kills-one. Life as a warrior in a segregated and hostile world guarantees her fate. But just days after being appointed a guardian of her land, she finds herself at the mercy of enemies unknown to he...

  • Sixteen (ON HOLD)
    889K 5.8K 26

    In the fall of 2010, sixteen teenagers suddenly vanished without a trace from a small suburban town in the Midwest. Each one was sixteen years old. There were no witnesses, no ransom notes, no clues whatsoever as to what happened to them. The community was devastated and the police were baffled until they all suddenl...