superhime21's Reading List

  • The Rich Girl and the Gangster
    • RiekaX
    • 26 Parts
    • Updated Aug 18, 2013 07:37PM
    545K 7.5K

    In Besfield High there is no middle class. You have only the rich and poor, and they stay as far away from each other as possible. But when Xavier, member of l...

  • The Nightclub Waitress [Book1 ★]
    1.9M 38.9K

    Yuri Clemente is an independent girl working as a nightclub waitress as her part time job while studying. While working at the club, she met a mysterious guy...

  • The Substitute Wife
    329K 8K

    Dorin Hernandez is arranged to marry Eros Evans. Their fathers are close friends that is why they have to get married even without their agreements. But becau...

  • [Book 2 ★] The Waitress's Revenge
    1.5M 40K

    Yuri Clemente is back She is back after so many years She is stronger now She is no longer the nightclub waitress that many people look down on She can fig...

  • The Devirginizer's Virgin
    7.4M 121K

    Lagi na lang atang mananatiling NBSB at birhen si Athalia nang dahil sa epal at napaka-overprotective na si Eleven, ang lalakeng BEST FRIEND ng kanyang kuya, a...

  • My Substitute Bride and Wife
    212K 4.4K

  • THE REAL HEIRESS #Wattys2015
    4.3M 90.2K

  • The Vixen Wife (Completed)
    216K 8.7K

    Sly like a fox. Cunning like a thief. Marrying the enemy. ----- Bad-mouthed, temperamental, sensual Sierra De Guia knows all kinds of men. Bakit hindi? She de...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bewitched My Husband To Be
    107K 3.4K

    "What if kung mawala ang bisa ng gayuma, di loveless na naman ako? Pasaway kasi ang puso kahit i-program or i-reformat di pa rin maalis ang virus di ko pa rin...

  • My Unconditional Love
    214K 7.7K

    Galit siya sa akin dahil sa ginawa ng mga parents namin. Di ko naman kasalanan kung pumapaibig pa ang mga magulang namin. Nagkataon lang pareho daw silang malu...

  • When the Foolish Heart Beats (Adonis Series 1)
    1.5M 38.7K

    Can a simple dream cause a fiasco to an ordinary girl's life? What if this untoward incident change the way she views life? Meet Janine del Rosario, ang boy...

  • My On-Cam Wife (Adonis Series 4)
    907K 26.9K

    Kailangan niya ako para sumikat… Kailangan ko siya para pang-panakip butas… Gamitan lang ba? Uso sa amin yan! Ako si Kaz Legaspi, ang kilalang hopeless romanti...

  • The Woman He Broke (Adonis Series 3)
    2.1M 56.3K

    "If you are going to enter my world, be ready to play my game," babala ni Mago, "If you can't keep up then you'll have to endure the pain." He was a man who n...

  • No Ordinary Love Songs (Finally Completed) #Wattys2014
    293K 6.8K

    What happens if Miss-I-Get-What-I-Want falls for Mister-I-Want-My-Freedom? Can a love-match between them come smoothly? Tiffany is the most famous girl in the...

  • Sold to My Ex-Husband (Adonis Series 2)
    15.2M 258K

    Six years ago... I was his stalker. Two years ago... I was his wife. A year ago... I was his ex-wife. Simula nang hiniwalayan niya ako ay nagkaleche-leche n...

  • Somewhere Between Time
    • LoveLornMe
    • 10 Parts
    • Updated Nov 18, 2015 11:20PM
    69.4K 3.3K

    Time heals all wounds they say.....But will it really heal? Cover Credit to Sexy Admin Rlin @dububeartofu Salamat po mahal na dyosa! Mwahhh!

  • Mr. Nuknukan (2nd Wave) ~ Brix (Genero)
    77.1K 3.5K

    "I love her...." Brix Guanzon is madly in love with his best friend, Marshmallow Dela Torre, since time immemorial. The very first day that he laid his eyes...

  • Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife.
    20.3M 421K

    Book-1 of The Harrison Series- (previously known as 'Billionaire's Ex-Wife') Silas Harrison, world's well-known billionaire. Everyone knows him, he is one of...