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  • Happy With You | seongsang/sansang
    459 49 32

    In which Kang Yeosang starts his senior year of high school where he meets Choi San and Park Seonghwa. Choi San, a new boy at school with the best grades and someone who tries helping people in any way he can. And Park Seonghwa, the bad boy in school who's training to be an idol, gets the worst grades and doesn't care...

  • Stop The Time | mattwoong
    105 15 5

    Ever since Matthew was young, his parents have always left him alone in their big house to go on business trips. He hates it, but hides it, knowing that him telling them won't fix anything. Thankfully, ever since he got a boyfriend a few months ago, he has started staying over at his place whenever his parents are gon...

  • Blood Type | mattwoong
    217 22 7

    In which Seok Matthew is forced into an arranged marriage, but just days before his wedding, he meets Kim Jiwoong, his future fiancés twin brother, and everything changes when he finds out his secret.

  • Our Destiny | haobin
    1.3K 76 22

    In which after a deadly accident, Zhang Hao is given a second chance in life with the condition that he helps someone living a miserable life, find happiness. But what happens when he must help Sung Hanbin, the most miserable person he's ever met?

  • Number 21 | haobin
    1K 98 13

    Zhang Hao has always been a very happy and cheerful person, despite the heart condition he suffers from, and the pain it causes him. The doctors tell him it's just getting worse for him, so he's not sure when his last day will be, which makes him want to live his life to the fullest. He loves his life. He has loving p...

  • Bad Luck! | gyuricky
    170 29 2

    In which Kim Gyuvin starts having really bad luck, but it all changes when he's around the new student Shen Ricky.