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  • A Guide To Reading Author S.K. Angel / iiLoveydoveii
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    For my confused readers because, same. Let's all try to understand the chaos that is Angel's brain. + Guide to Patreon

  • The Art of Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #6
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    DISCRETION SERIES - Stand Alone - BOOK #6 " O-one portrait.. " I whispered, and he replied. " That's all I want, Rose.. " He said, sounding very sensual, and I gulped softly as I rubbed the back of my neck.. " I-I guess I c-could.. " I replied, and he let out of heavy sigh. " Good.. now I know you said something about...

  • Aching For His Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #5
    718K 29.8K 59

    DISCRETION SERIES - Stand Alone - BOOK #5 ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ " I only trust you, Tesoro.. " He muttered once again, not budging when I tried to pull my arm, and I bit my lip. " But we just met.. " I whispered, and he narrowed his eyes at me. " Now, Teegan. " He said firmly but thankfully, not angrily. I debated for...

  • The Secrets of His Discretion - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #4
    20.4K 994 7

    DISCRETION SERIES - BOOK 4 (spin-off) " Here you are, gentlemen. Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you " God, her voice sounds like she's a damn angel.. almost like she's singing a wonderful song that is, unfortunately, making me uncomfortable in these pants. Snap out of it, Blaine. I looked over at he...

  • Delilah In Discretion | ✓ - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #2
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    SEQUEL TO HIS POSSESSION IN DISCRETION READ BOOK #1 BEFORE ENTERING BOOK #2 Delilah Newman-Russel. Recently turning 19, she's been learning the ropes of her father's business for the last two years and doing her studies online. After knowing his company from the inside-out, she's decided to go back to Highland Bridge...

  • His Possession In Discretion | ✓ - DISCRETION SERIES BOOK #1
    62.5M 2.4K 6

    Brielle Newman A 21-year-old girl who was struggling to make life comfortable for herself and her niece, Delilah. Her sister left the baby the minute she could get up and leave the hospital. Brielle hasn't seen her since. She also hasn't seen her parents who walked out on her at 17 or her brother who went to the army...