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  • Living With Mr Shelby
    375K 8K 21

    Updated and Edited 2021: Lola Farnsworth was running away from Billy Kimber and was informed that he avoided Birmingham at all costs, when she unknowingly becomes wrapped up with the very family that Kimber was afraid of she soon found herself living with the handsome blue eyed Shelby. Can she unravel the riddle that...

    Completed   Mature
  • In the company of heathens
    2.1K 102 4

    Peaky Blinders / Vikings Modern AU. When (Y/N) begins working for Alfie Solomons he takes a special interest in her ability to learn his 'craft'. Unfortunately for her she finds herself in the middle of a war over territory and becomes the focus of Ivar Lothbrok and Michael Gray.

  • The Wolf of Kattegat
    6.6K 238 8

    (Y/N) discovers that the prince of Kattegat has a terrible secret. One that could endanger the entire town. Meanwhile enemies of the ruling family are closing in on their claim to Kattegat and Ivar must control his secret or let himself destroy everything.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stranger Came In A Boat
    43.5K 1.1K 13

    When (Y/N) is forced into an arranged marriage with Hvitserk Ragnarsson she begins a reluctant life with the Ragnarssons'. The arrival of a stranger in Kattegat forces the two even further apart. But during a raid it is not just his wife Hvitserk risks losing at the hands of the newcomer.

    Completed   Mature
  • Bang Bang
    23.6K 876 11

    One loves her, one wants her, one needs her. No where is safe. (Y/N) grew up as Ivar's best friend. A life filled with unexpected turns and an ever watchful friend. But when Ragnar returns her friends change and she makes a gruesome discovery. With Ivar knowing her every move (Y/N) must survive a battle for power...

  • The Girl Next Door
    1.1K 57 4

    The Ragnarssons have secrets. Lots of secrets. Hvitserk has a big one. Its isn't how he deals drugs with his brother, that his bar is a money laundering front. It's the girl next door, his brothers best friend. He can't have her. But neither can you.

  • The Lovely Three
    7.1K 261 33

    Rebekah Mikaelson and Theo Raeken are in love with the same woman. Luckily for them she's in love too. A collection of my Theo Raeken x Reader x Rebekah Mikaelson Imagines, oneshots and prompts requested via my Tumblr.

  • Welcome to Hawkins {The Lost Boys 1987 x Stranger Things}
    1.6K 61 7

    After fighting off the Lawrence vampires in Santa Carla, the Emerson family decide it would be best to take Hopper's niece to Hawkins to be reunited with him, after years of being driven apart by Jim's deadbeat brother. Unfortunately for Lucy Emerson and Jim Hopper, they weren't counting on El not wanting a new family...

  • They were roommates
    1.5K 82 3

    After Billy Hargrove throws out his thieving roommate Billy reveals that he and (Y/N) need a third person to move in to cover the rest of rent. While the list of potentials get shorter and the landlord arranges a visit Billy and (Y/N) become desperate and individually hunt out their best pick for a new roommate. Unfor...

  • Dragon Lust (Daemyra Reader insert)
    6.9K 163 5

    Daemon and Rhaenyra take an interest in a sweet young flower that they meet in Kingslanding. Realising they both wish to make her their lover a contest begins to see who can seduce her to their bed first. Daemyra x Fem!Reader.