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  • Grave Hillside -The Liar Hunt
    9.8K 1K 30

    Após a grande festa de fim de férias, um mistério assombrou a pequena e simples cidade de Grave Hillside. Uma pessoa louca brincando com 5 adolescentes: Melissa, Theodore, Erick, Logan e Crystal. Os 5 vão passar por coisas que nunca imaginariam. Sem pistas, sem suspeitos. Como sobreviver num mundo em que um assassino...

  • The Story Of Us ( Romance Gay )
    2K 154 9

    Essa é a história de Elliot Hendrix, um garoto comum e inteligente, que tem habilidades de leitura impressionantes e Quentin Rhodes, um garoto que causa problemas à tudo que se relaciona com ele, e também o mesmo garoto que mudou a vida de Elliot após uma simples troca de olhares quando se cruzaram em um passeio no sh...

  • O preço da fama
    3.3K 245 23

    A paixão de Melissa sempre foi atuar, e quando a garota de 18 anos é aceita em uma das melhores faculdades de teatro de Nova York, pensa em recusar por não querer ficar longe do seu namorado, Lucas, o cara que conquistou seu coração desde que ela se mudou para o Brasil aos 14 anos. Mas depois de muitas confusões, Mel...

  • Emdrew/stonefield
    6.3K 92 16

    Oneshots of Emma and Andrew (mostly) based on the amazing spiderman 1&2 press tour.

  • gwen and peter oneshots
    59.2K 1.2K 21

    It's all in the title- just a bunch of random unrelated oneshots of of course...Gweter! Please read and if you have any suggestions let me know! *I do not own anything*

  • The Vacation
    25.7K 594 50

    A fanfic I wrote about Zac and Emily, enjoy ?

  • Righting Wrongs
    59K 1.7K 32

    Wendy Moore swore that she'll never gonna' fall in love again after her tragic and unexplained break up with her boyfriend, Tony Gibbs. She's stuck inside her little world now; that is school, her house, their bookstore, her grandfather and her best friend, Michael. She thought that her 'happily ever after' would n...

  • Between us
    3.2K 191 5

    Andrew Garfield era novato na escola, um nerd que não chamava atenção de nenhuma garota. Emma Stone é a mais popular da escola, o sonho de consumo de todos os caras.

  • Holding Onto Hope
    24.1K 662 28

    Gwen survived her fall and she was in hospital for 5 months. She thinks everything will be fine and dandy when she gets out but because Peter told her mum everything that had happen she has to fight to be with him and Peter has to fight to protect Gwen from the other villains that are still out there.

  • My Destiny [ A Stonefield Fanfic]
    5.5K 216 34

    Emma Stone moved to a city. New York. A city where unexpected things could possibly happen. A city where she could meet her true love, true friends and mostly know what life really means. Andrew Garfield, a typical teenage boy. He's handsome, cute, kind and everything a girl could ever ask for. For him, life is very n...

  • Oblivious To The Signs
    79.7K 1.6K 20

    The perfect man? Or the man that makes you feel perfect? Emma Stone's way of choosing her man has been guided and based upon her list of desirable traits her future boyfriend should possess. After experiencing break-ups and screwed up relationships, she's now set on finding "the one". But what happens when she meets...

  • Rewriting The Signs
    55.1K 1.3K 23

    (SEQUEL TO OBLIVIOUS TO THE SIGNS) Andrew is a such a sweetheart. Sure, he loves Emma so much and all, but that's the problem. He loves her too much to be able to avoid her and the risk of having her hurt again. He's burdened by the thought that it was his fault she got into an accident that's why he vows to stay awa...

  • TASM3
    62.2K 1.9K 43

    You think you know what happened to Gwen at the end of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2?" Peter's life hasn't been getting anywhere. Ever since Gwen's "death", he's just been busy saving people and mourning for her. That's when he decided to move to England to go to Oxford. He believed that's the only place where he'll find...