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  • Fractured Fate
    617 36 1

    After escaping from magic wielders, a young doctor must receive help from an enemy hawk shifter to rescue what remains of her family. Season 3 of The Fated Series coming in March. Add this to your library and get notified when it's available for you to read. *** Shifters are dark, cruel beasts. Or so Dr. Sophie Griff...

  • Treasured by the Dragon
    434 8 16

    When Princess Taliyah is sacrificed to a fearsome dragon lord she's been raised to hate, she doesn't expect the frustratingly handsome man he transforms into to ignite her deepest desires. Season 1 of Treasured by the Dragon *** When Princess Taliyah's parents sacrifice her to a powerful dragon lord to pay off their a...

  • Sex and the Billionaire Crime Boss - Season 2
    8.1K 282 15

    The deeper Hadley falls into sexy crime boss Max's web, the harder it is for her to leave him. But when she comes face to face with the truth about his dangerous world, she has to make an impossible decision; stay with the man she's fallen in love with or say goodbye forever. Season 2 of Sex and the Billionaire Crime...

  • The Dark Alpha
    5.1K 116 16

    Sheltered shifter Celeste runs away after disappointing her parents with another failure to secure a worthy mate bond, but she accidentally stumbles onto the land of a brutal Alpha in dire need of his mate; it just so happens that his soulmate is her. Season 1 of The Dark Alpha *** Controlled by her ambitious parent...

  • APEX - Season 2
    3.1K 112 15

    Season 2 of Apex While dealing with an impending vote that could see werewolves expelled from the city, Calla and Rhys must come to terms with their growing connection in the face of their families' heartless decision to mate Calla with another man. Calla Bardot, Luna of Sury's oldest pack, is working to mend the ima...