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  • The Third Faction of Apocrypha
    115K 1.9K 8

    After saying his farewells to Rin, Archer willingly returns to the Throne of Heroes to continue his eternal duties as a Guardian of the Counter Force. Only to be thrown to another, larger war with familiar faces, fierce enemies and much higher stakes than before. Fate/Stay Night x Fate/Apocrypha FanFic. Fate franchis...

  • Fate/Grand Order | Gudako Reborn
    1.1K 30 3

    Ritsuka Fujimaru, Humanity's last master, or as her servant calls her Gudako has died. But, through a strange event, she was summoned into an alternate past before her journey started. Now how does this event impact the future? well let us see [Disclaimer] I didn't read too much of the fate lore, so if I get something...

  • Together
    815 25 1

    Just for a moment, the Emiya family enjoys time together like they once did. (1000 word challenge)

  • Medea and Shirou
    568 4 1

    just a story about a Servant and her Master

  • Fate: I Will Eventually Become the Hero of Justice II
    47.7K 3K 119

    Sequel of Fate: I Will Eventually Become the Hero of Justice

  • The Truth of the Matter
    826 23 2

    The Truth of the Matter was that Kento's younger sister had vanished off the face of the earth. The Truth of the matter was that she always seemed to know when he was in grave danger. The Truth of the Matter was that Gudako was more than a bit protective of her older brother AU Oneshot, Chapter 120 SPOILERS

  • Observing Fate/Grand Order
    303K 2.7K 25

    A certain vampire has gotten bored and wanted to do something of his spare time. So he decided to make characters from different timelines watch the Chaldeans fight for Humanity's survival? How would they react to such a predicament? Let's find out. Note: I do not own Fate/Grand Order or any of the Fate series that is...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Magus as a Schnee
    30.6K 706 14

    What would happen if Damien doesn't choose the same 3 wishes he made in "Sparda in the Multiverse"? Well, you get this book :) OC X ??? Started: 10/2/2021 Completed: -

  • Wizard King in Grail Wars and Beyond
    6.6K 195 8

    Guy unfotunately dies but he get's lucky! For once in his life He get's reincarnated by B.O.R.B and also gains abilities of Julius Novachrono from Black Clover! Read his story and how he goes around and trying to win Grail Wars! I don't own Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, FGO and all Nasuverse series. Cross Posted on Web...

  • Fate: I Will Eventually Become the Hero of Justice
    287K 12.2K 200

    What would you do If you were suddenly transported to the Nasuverse just before the Fourth Holy Grail War as a young Shirou with no access to a Magic Crest, Magecraft, or OP Servant?

  • Isekai Le Fay~ Familiar of Fay [Abandoned]
    367K 11.9K 45

    [This story slowly descends into a crack fic, you've been warned.] As a Guardian, it's his duty to follow orders. Especially protecting mankind's extinction. And yet, here he is, doing the opposite. Why him? Especially given the fact that he's in a world of magic where the battle of the Demon Lord and King fight. But...

  • The Huntsman of Red V2
    8.8K 312 56

    Guardian, Protector, Hero, and perhaps something more, that was what he had always meant to her, but to others he was simply known as the Huntsman of Red, Remnant's final hope. This story is not mine, it belongs to Parcasious

  • Fate: As Gilgamesh
    32.1K 1.1K 40

    Alternative Title: Gilgamesh, The Star of Genesis that Illuminates Humanity. An empty soul without a name, which had reached the end of its life, lamented and awakened the all-seeing observer. With the intervention of the all-seeing observer, the empty soul that had reached the end of its life returned to the world as...