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    THE ENCHANTRESSES #1 Zariyah Lavigne, despite her icy exterior, ignites with passion on the dance floor. Her life took a challenging turn when her mother passed away, leaving behind a mountain of debt, which led her to take up stripping. Her captivating beauty draws countless admirers, yet she has never entered into a...

  • Her Honorable Superstar [Series #3]
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    Fareeta Hera Bautista is a hardworking and strategic woman who doesn't care about other people's judgment because of her work. Money, her siblings, and herself were all she thought of. Nothing seems to matter anymore... until she met Damon Achilles Vicario, The superstar who brought new fire to Fareeta's body. Damon i...

  • Enchanted By The Spotlight
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    Enchantress Series #4: Maeve Juarez Aguas promised himself that he wouldn't love another woman. Lost and broken, he hires a stripper to make his body content. There's only one rule: do not touch. He thought it was easy since he lost interest in fucking girls. But the very first moment she moved, his manhood reacted; i...

  • My Typecast Midnight THE ENCHANTRESSES #5 Soon To Published Under EPP
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    'The Enchantresses' is an enchanting series that delves into the diverse stories of strippers. It is a masterpiece brought to life by a talented group of eight writers. Take a moment to inhale the magic, for this series promises to cast a spell on your senses! The Enchantresses #1: Enticing the Enchanter by @RedInkxx ...

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    Tria Allera Dela Cruz Crimson-dancing in front of a large crowd people has become her job, and she is not ashamed of it. But, aside from dancing naked in front of a large crowd, she is also a secret agent and also works in an organization where they hunt down mafia bosses. The HMO or mafia hunter organization. Hae Jo...

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  • Tangled in Temptation
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    The Enchantress Series #7 - Collaboration Graine Gracia, the dazzling movie star, hides a shadowy past as a high school and college bully. Battling boredom, she immerses herself in the world of stripping, relishing in a sense of invincibility. Unexpectedly, Zain Hearst, her former target, exposes her secret. In a des...

  • Intoxicating Allure
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    Enchantress Series #8: Gail Javido She's his co-worker at day. . . and his private stripper at night. ------ The moment Gail Javido laid her eyes on her boss' personal assistant, Theo Asher, she was instantly attracted to him-no! She was intoxicated, rather, with his jet-black eyes that can paint a thousand landscape...