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  • Rough Heart | ethan dolan
    3.4M 104K 61

    some people say that the most important things in life cannot be seen or even touched; they are felt with the heart. in that case, ethan didn't feel anything at all. his heart had almost become numb as a result of everything he had been through. but when an ordinary but somewhat alluring girl named jess stumbles upon...

  • the nanny {d.t}
    963K 23.3K 63

    "If I'm just the nanny then you wouldn't care if I quit, or would you, Mr. Dolan?" {completed} highest rankings: #23 in fanfiction #1 in dolan twins & ethan dolan

    Completed   Mature
  • Cherish || grayson dolan
    4M 60.1K 74

    "I will cherish these moments, for as long as I live." "As will I." He smiles, kissing my forehead. ~ Hayden Forest stay's with her Aunt for the summer in New Jersey, and finally finds her true self with the help of new friends.

  • Pregnant By Ethan Dolan
    353K 5.1K 92

    One, two... too many to count... "I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing" "You think I wanted this" It turns out to be a perfect happy accident. ***NOT EDITED*** COMPLETED

  • FAKE [ Ethan Dolan Fanfic ]
    4.7M 82.6K 53

    "I want you to be my fake girlfriend." Ethan said. "No" I said and rolled my eyes. "I'm not getting Involved in your stupid boy problems" I said. "I'll do anything please." Ethan begged. I sighed and looked around. "Only for a week."

  • just a fan ; grayson dolan
    7.9M 160K 120

    "I'll never meet him, I will never be able to touch him, I will never be able to breath the same air as him, and the worst part is that he doesn't even know I exist. I'm just a fan" highest ranking: #1 in fanfiction

  • Pure | Grayson Dolan Fanfiction
    4.1M 72.3K 46

    Gabriella is incoming sophomore in a new town, in a new high school in New Jersey. She meets the popular Dolan Twins. Ethan is know a sweet guy but Grayson is known as the school bad boy. And Gabriella is known as a good & innocent girl. But everything changes when Grayson & Gabriella meet.

  • SLIM - G.D | ✔
    1.5M 28.9K 42

    SLIM © 2016 "I wonder what they'd think of me now." ●●● Contains sexual content, mature language, and alcohol. Maybe some fifty shades of grey shit, but not really. Book #1 **CURRENTLY UNDER EDITING**

    Completed   Mature
  • Freak || G.D (✔️)
    335K 6.6K 20

    "Sweet on the streets, freak in the sheets" Mature. Completed 4 April 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • ᴄʀɪᴍɪɴᴀʟ ᴍɪɴᴅꜱ ✩ ᴇᴅ
    401K 7.5K 51

    "partners in crime, baby doll." "partners in crime, gorgeous." all rights reserved fuckedolans 2015© BOOK #1 IN THE PARTNERS IN CRIME SERIES

  • Fake Love | G.D
    835K 14.7K 52

    chloe needed money, grayson needed a fake girlfriend and so their fake love story began. *editing so ignore any typos please*

  • Silent
    1.4M 77.5K 39

    in which a boy refuses to talk after a horrific past experience that mentally ruined him. highest rankings: #11 in fan fiction

    Completed   Mature
  • Fuckboy||e.d
    720K 13K 34

    How could you ever love a fuckboy?

    Completed   Mature
  • i dont hate you | e.d
    752K 23.1K 49

    "I hate her Grayson." "Well she doesn't hate you." in which Blake and Ethan hate each other till Blake gets in an accident.

  • moved in | e.d
    2M 43K 60

    in which bailey has suffered through sexual assault, soon being stuck in a position where she must move in to an apartment with ethan dolan. the boy every girl wants, but not her. [currently being heavily edited] highest rankings: 19/05/18 #1 in dolan #1 in dolantwins #1 in ethandolan #11 in fanfic #7 in fanfiction

  • Mute | E.D.
    4.4K 86 13

    mute: refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.

  • •Daddy Issues• Ethan Dolan
    9.4M 162K 63

    "What's my name?" "Daddy."

  • 3:15 - e.d
    269K 7.5K 32

    in which a girl is in love with her best friends boyfriend started: june 25, 2018 finished: october 31, 2018 © TENSIONGRAY [lowercase intended] rankings: #2 in dolantwins #4 in ethandolan

    Completed   Mature