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  • Eternal Silence (On hold)
    1.3M 15.4K 28

    What's on the mind of a true vampire? Malcolm will lead you to the answer of that question. The way he sees the world makes him different from others. He's a real vampire not some fantasy boy from a girl's dream, he hunts and kills without any regret. Why? because it's on his nature.

  • The Secret Life - Sex and Blood anyone?
    1.1M 11.9K 71

    Cheyenne is a hunter. Jace is a vampire. And there is something in the town they both call home that's more powerful than both of them.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Baby (bump) Blues [FINISHED]
    227K 2K 41

    Completed   Mature
  • Break My Heart and I'll Break Your Car. :]
    2M 18.2K 37

    Raine Jenkins was thrown into the world of beauty pageants before she was even able to speak. She loved them when she was young, and has become a legend in the beauty pageant world. Now she's sixteen, and is beginning to hate the world of perfection. That's why she created her alter ego, her own bad girl image. Rider...

  • The Baynes Legacy - Book 4 - Ebb of the Night
    398K 5.4K 24

    Doyle Baynes has watched his sisters find their mates leaving him alone now in his quest to find the right girl. Though he enjoys going through all the wrong ones, maybe it's just like girls say, "You have to kiss some frogs to find your prince." Question is how many frogs did he have to kiss until he found his righ...

  • The Baynes Legacy - Book 3- Who Goes Bump In The Night
    789K 8K 32

    Ashling has grown up with everyone looking at her as if she was nothing more than the Alpha's off spring. Now with high school complete she is off to a summer camp where Alpha offspring usually work in the summer time with other teenage wolves. Everything seems to be looking until she meets Keiran, who will turn her...

  • The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Youth Of The Night
    702K 7.8K 26

    Ali thought she was going to have a perfect senior year, and everything was going according to those plans until Rhys showed up. The attraction was instant, but once their relationship developed would it survive through all the ups and downs that typically followed the Baynes family.

  • The Baynes Legacy- Book 1- Love In The Moonlight
    1.2M 12.5K 27

    Tales of a family of werewolves that have to push through all of those who are determined to stand in their ways in finding happiness. But luckily for them all the bumps in the road have only made them stronger people and a stronger family!

  • The Baynes Legacy - Book 5 - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
    374K 5.2K 30

    Adaline Auston was rescued as a young teenager from her overbearing father by Connor Baynes. The Baynes pack had accepted her allowing her life to grow to that of a normal person. Except Adaline has a horrible habit of losing those whom she loves. Even after a stupid mistake fate finds it willing she would meet an...

  • Love and Coffee; Both Taken Strong
    824K 8.3K 44

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vampire's Maid
    5.3M 63K 36

    Following the slaughter of her village, Elizabeth is plunged into the dangerous and deceptive world of Vampires. Forced to work as a maid for one of the most highly honoured Vampire families, a risky romance sparks. The choice that Elizabeth then has to face is not a simple one: Providing she finds an escape route, do...

  • The Dark Heroine: Dinner With A Vampire
    9.8M 50.3K 21

    The sexiest romance you’ll read this year… One moment can change your life forever… For Violet Lee, a chance encounter on a darkened street draws her into a world beyond her wildest imaginings, a timeless place of vast elegance and immeasurable wealth – of beautiful mansions and lavish parties – where a decadent gro...

  • Two twin boys living next door, and they BOTH want in my pants!? FML!
    1.9M 16K 22

    Jerry is a normal teen, who get's forced to move with her dad and little brother Kane too a whole other town. She thinks this is going to be a very boring summer, until she meets the twins next door, who take her on whirl wind adventure of emotions. Jerry experience heart break, happiness, and anger, in this surprisin...

  • The Boy In The Polka Dotted Bikini.
    930K 9.4K 25

    If you liked Jerry's story, then you will love this one. This is the Sequal to 'Two Twin Boys Living Next Door, and they BOTH want in my pants?! FML!' It's based on Jerry's sixteen year old daughter Willow. It's her story, about how she finds her own true love while at the same time, helping her mother get her's back...

  • Summer Solstice
    5.3M 35.8K 55

    Falling in love is hard to do when no one will even look at you, and those that do hurry to look away. Andrea is a seventeen year old girl who has always wished for a sense of belonging, but being only half native to her tribe sets her apart from everyone else. And the other townspeople of Wapatau seem to avoid her...