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  • unconditional love story - Elmax
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    This story is based on parts of Stranger Things. Please read before you read the story! In this story: It's set in 1986 (season 4) Max Mayfield and her family joined Hawkins this year. Nobody died (yet). Max doesn't know about the upside down and Eleven her powers (yet). Hopper never went to Russia. The family By...

  • This is love ~ Elmax
    17.4K 397 15

    Sequel to: So this is love? ~ Elmax (Spoilers ahead if you haven't read book 1) Eleven and Max live together in Hawkins with the Byers and Hopper. Summer vacation is coming to an end as the kids make themselves ready for school to start again. Everything was going to be different now. Max and El would be in the same...

  • You are the reason to live. ~Elmax~
    2.8K 89 18

    ⚠️TW⚠️ abusing,eating problems,suicidal toughts and trys,selfharm! this is based to season 3 and 4. El has her powers, Hopper and Billy are alive (atleast at the start), The story has ships Ronance,Jopper,Byler and ofc elmax! And mileven at the start! And Eleven is not dumb in this story! (she knows about sex,period,s...

  • Elmax & Sillie ~ Shorts
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    A book full of short stories about Elmax and Sillie. Requests are always open! ~ I have way to many story ideas, so I decided to write short stories about them to share with you <3