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  • like real people do ✯ paul mccartney
    525 31 3

    you're such a heartbreaker. ✯ it just happens that jules baker knows that paul mccartney is up to no good. but then, he doesn't take a "no" as an answer.

  • remember when ✯ michael jackson¹
    2.6K 136 6

    it's always been you. ✯ in which childhood best friends who went through thick and thin but as the sudden turn of events, they came to realize that they meant for each other, in a hard way.

  • can't buy me love ✯ the beatles
    173 7 1

    this is a recipe for disaster! ✯ in which a stressed out assistant, a clingy sister, a pretty blonde and a spunky stowaway are all wind up to britain's popular rock band.

  • ungodly hour ✯ michael jackson imagines
    1.9K 82 8

    hit me with your eyes. ✯ in which you're in situations and scenes with none other than the beloved king of pop.

  • Bewitched / Daphne Bridgerton
    414 17 1

    you're just too good to be true. (male!oc x daphne bridgerton) © alphacentauris_ | 2023

  • Paraluman / Bridgerton
    235 17 1

    Aking sinta, Aking mundo. (My love, My world) book cover: @floralysis (multiple ocs x canon characters) © alphacentauris_ | 2023

  • Marahuyo / Bridgerton
    508 31 1

    How I long for you. ( fem!oc x male!oc ) sets in queen charlotte mini series © alphacentauris_ | 2023