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  • Double Life. Silco X Male Reader (On Hold.)
    26.9K 1.1K 14

    X Male Reader Insert story. . . . You, a man from piltover, were leading a peculiar double life. One day this would lead you right into the hands of fate and a man seeing through an eye of a monster.

  • Hidden Overblot (Twisted Wonderland Fanfic) completed
    190K 5.6K 30

    Yuu had a secret, They had been hiding it sense even before the first OverBlot. However Recently the Coughing had gotten worse. They would Cough black liquid out. Especially late at night when they truly felt alone. One night it gets worse. Yuu calls to Grim to go get help before they have another Incident. Only for G...

  • [Is It Hot In Here Or What?] Yandere!Twisted Wonderland X FEM!Modern!Reader
    36.1K 1.3K 18

    "oh great heaven, it reeks of mommy and daddy issues" In which a cop rookie who had to survive in a zombie apocalypse for years, finds themselves eaten by their milfs mirror... Just what will be the outcome of this strange predicament? And why is there a sausage party goin on? Come on, a girl in a school full of loves...

  • Deuce Spade's Magicam!
    13.8K 470 171

    Deuce has a Magicam account and starts posting, Will you like the posts or just simply scroll past? Username: Deuce_Spade Following:10 Followers: 49,669 Bio: Heartslabyul student and Aces boyfriend (Also maybe Yuu's) (Will have random rp in between comments)

  • The Viper and the heir
    5.9K 98 11

    Yuu finds out Kalim misses Jamil and after a small push from Azul,Jamil considers reigniting the friendship him and his master once had. (Spoilers for part 4) The art doesn't belong to me.It belongs to aoneko13 on Deviantart.I don't own the characters either.They are the property of Disney Japan.

  • TWST x M!reader Oneshots
    60.9K 1.3K 30

    !I do not write smut nor do I own any of the characters that are mentioned! This will be ONLY TWST x male reader, there will be some exceptions for GN I do take request. Twisted x Dom!Male!Reader