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  • Why Is There An Alien Princess In My Room? (ONC 2023 - Alien Romance - Complete)
    3.8K 727 26

    Tristan is a Quiz Bowl star. Vyrsa is from the stars. But is their interstellar romance written in the stars? *** Following a successful heist on a rival planet, Princess Vyrsa just needs to step through the Portal of Wishes to be brought straight back to her home planet Isola. But when Vyrsa steps through the portal...

  • Don't Want to be Queen | ONC 2023 (Complete)
    429 90 12

    Free-spirited homebody Erica doesn't want to be queen. Which is fine, because her single, independent older sister Gemma is more than ready for the job. But their father doesn't care about any of that. He thinks a queen ought to be married and producing heirs (Yes, he really says producing heirs) if she is to take th...

  • The Book of Miranda | gxg | ❖
    4K 587 29

    [Updates most Mondays] Desdemona ''Des'' Winchester wants nothing to do with Melliford Academy. In fact, she's pretty sure her parents shipped her off to boarding school just to get her out of their hair. It's a move they'll come to regret if she has any say in the matter. Nothing humiliates posh folk like having a d...

  • The Weekend in Room 512 | ONC 2023
    4.5K 678 19

    Ethan Wong, an ex-prodigy violinist, thinks it's not meant to be. After his latest mental breakdown at his last violin competition, where he placed tenth out of ten contestants, he's not sure why his music professor appointed him the soloist for their New York concerto. Cameron Langley, the star college baseball ath...

    Completed   Mature
  • Golden Apples of the Sun (wlw) || ONC2023
    1.8K 192 5

    Submerged kingdoms, haunted temples, booby-trapped caves. Lara Croft has seen it all in her quest for ancient artefacts, which she sells to the highest bidder. But nothing prepares Lara for her latest, greatest discovery: a golden apple capable of bringing its bearer anything they desire. The only problem? The golden...

  • Beyond The Bridge [ONC 2023] // Longlisted
    818 222 28

    Sixteen-year-old Grace Williams has always been destined to a life in servitude. Born to poor parents, she has spent her life knowing that service is all she shall be able to achieve. Levi Edgeworth has no such fate. Even though he has everything he could ever wish for at his fingertips, he still wants more from lif...

  • Idiots to Lovers (bxb)
    57.5K 4.5K 51

    ||Wattys 2023 Shortlister🌟|| Two strangers pretend to be a couple to win a dumb bet. The wager: they must enrol in couples therapy and fool their counselor. _________ Updates every Friday at 2pm (BST) _________ Six non-refundable couples counseling sessions. That's how many Clementine booked for him and his girlfrie...

  • Ctrl Alt Del
    558 135 20

    Earth, 35th Century. You can cheat death by downloading your consciousness into a Virtual Universe, with thousands of imaginary worlds to choose from, and countless 'lives' to be 'lived.' But someone of vital importance to the Virtuaverse has been murdered offline. It's up to Daniel Crow Feather, Missing Persons Speci...

  • Three's Not a Crowd | gxgxg | ONC 2023
    619 117 8

    Florist, Anya is determined that this will be the year her career blooms like the sweet jasmines she's tended to. She's in for a rude shock when she rents a building only to find out that it's been given to gorgeous and confident Kaynath, who owns her family confectionery. Kaynath never intended to get in her way to j...

  • The Mechanical Muse
    1.4K 384 22

    College student Chris Marley agrees to help an enigmatic professor test a cutting-edge AI tool, but discovers he's entered into a Faustian bargain, and must fight to resist the temptation of power and save his soul. ~~~ In this modern reimagining of the Faust myth, Chris Marley, a student at Southern California Univer...