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  • Invisible (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Female Reader)
    127K 3.4K 35

    If you got a nickel for everytime someone ran into you, not noticing you were there, you'd be wealthier than Gabriel Agreste himself. If you got a nickel for everytime someone forgot your name, you would be richer than Audrey Bourgeois. If you got a nickel everytime someone didn't notice you, you could run the mother...

  • Where The Hell Am I? (Alastor/Radio Demon x Human Female Reader) (DISCONTINUED)
    2.4K 82 8

    Y/N falls asleep after an argument with her friend. When she wakes up, she is no longer in her bed, she's in hell, but not the hell you'd think. She's in a crazy world where Alastor the Radio Demon is real and there are strippers in hell and demon princesses and a helluva lot of other confusing stuff. And she has to g...

  • Seven Minutes in Heaven | Ninjago Style
    790 32 6

    I don't own Ninjago. (Except in my dreams) Also, all the fan art I use is by others, I'm not that good at art. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍 Read the first chapter for information.

  • Loveless (Lloyd Garmadon x Female Reader)
    41.8K 888 31

    *New Cover* Y/n has the power of seduction. she can walk up to anyone and immediately make them fall in love with her. This may not sound like a useful power, but when you can make any enemy fall in love with you, you're pretty much done. This power does have a downside however. Since she can make anyone fall in love...

  • Just Your Average Teenager (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Reader)
    13.6K 369 22

    Chat Noir is the amazing superhero. Y/N is your average teenage girl. What could they have in common? Apparently everything. When Y/N transfers to a new school everything changes. She goes from being normal to being a superhero. Y/N has been living in France forever, so she is used to the whole superhero thing. Actual...

  • KotLC Memes/Incorrect Quotes/Idrk
    445 45 9

    (Most of these will be already existing memes or other things that I just changed to be KotLC) I don't own KotLC

  • Perfection (Kai Smith x OC)
    716 40 5

    Cassie was the perfect fifteen-year-old girl. Her nickname was even Ms. Perfect. Never a hair out of place. Make-up always perfect. The most stylish clothes. The best grades in school. She was Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. On top of all of that, she was the purple ninja. Her power was to block anyone's power with just a...

  • A Simp For A Superhero (Chat Noir/Adrien Agreste x Female Reader)
    12.5K 478 13

    Most people could be described in five simple words. Kind, Cool, Caring, Awesome, Friendly. Maybe something more like, Hilarious, Active, Attractive, Athletic, Creative. I think you are probably thinking of five words that describe yourself right now. Think of five words that describe your classmates instead. Maybe on...

  • Ninjago : The Second Generation (DISCONTINUED!)
    589 53 15

    The daughter of Lloyd. The son of Kai. The daughter of Nya. The sons of Jay. The daughter of Skylor. The son of Zane. The son of Morro. What could go wrong? Better question . . . What won't? __________________________________ ⚠️Warnings⚠️: - cursing - bad writing - sexual references (I recommend being 16+) ____...

  • My Lost Love (The Sequel to Loveless)
    4.7K 116 10

    Y/n is now a full time ninja. She is so excited to be spending all her time with her soulmate, Lloyd. She thinks that Ninjago is finally safe, but little does she know that a ghost will be ruining her lovely life. Lloyd is happy to be back home with his family. He is even happier that his girlfriend is there with him...