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  • ✓Chef's Food System
    15.2K 93 101

    Author: Relax for a moment Category: Time Travel and Rebirth Novels Status: Completed Chen Qian sadly traveled to the post-apocalyptic world. She said that life is stressful. Her siblings don't like her and her parents don't love her. We just want to be a rice bug, eat, sleep, and go shopping if we have nothing to do...

  • ✓ My plants have become fine [farming]
    9.4K 405 93

    Author: Mingye Owl Category: Romance science fiction novelsStatus: Completed After the Great War, the land was seriously polluted, ordinary seeds were completely eliminated, and super seeds came into being. Since then, mankind has entered the era of large-scale planting. In his previous life, Sui Yi devoted his whole...

  • ✓I run a convenience store in Empire
    52.7K 1.1K 115

    Author: The wind is too late Genre: Romance novel Modify Date: 2021-04-27 23:49 Once crossed, Tang Sugar was driven out by the scumbag father, penniless, only a convenience store that had long been closed. Fortunately, the three management games she played in her previous life, Synthetic Farm, Happy Convenience Store...

  • ✓Raise the planet with a farm
    16.7K 576 72

    Author: Sanheng King Category: Crossing Rebirth Jian Yuan dressed as the planet master of the fallen planet in the interstellar era! The entire planet, with less than 1,2 citizens! The planet account owes others <> million interstellar coins! Jian Yuan asked the butler: "How so?" " Butler: "It's this planet that...

  • The interstellar female Taoist she works part-time as a planter
    26.7K 545 140

    Author: Yongjie copper core Category: Other novels Link; When he first arrived in the other world, he was punished to the deserted eighth district just because he ate a bully meal. He also took on huge debts. Is it so expensive to eat two dishes and one soup in the interstellar? She w...

  • ✓There is no dessert in the whole interstellar
    25.4K 501 69

    Brief introduction to the content: [Through Rebirth] "All Interstellar No Dessert" Author: Xingyu [End + Fanwai] Copywriter: Song Zhixia, who wore to the interstellar era, found that there was no dessert in this world! No cake, no chocolate, no popsicles, no milk tea, so Song Zhixia, who is a strawberry essence, opene...

  • Interstellar land reclamation: the first big planter
    41.8K 1.2K 194

    Author: 芰裳 Category: Science Fiction Space Link: Yu Crispy was originally a botanist, and she should have won the highest award to be applauded by the people of Blue Star, but when she opened her eyes, she found that she had arrived in the interstellar era ten thousand years later, where ve...

  • ✓There is no plant in the whole universe
    102K 3.4K 148

    Author: Jiuzhongxue Category: Rebirth through time travel After the apocalypse came, Su Qiao awakened her planting ability, able to grow all the plants she had ever seen, but was bitten to death by zombies after five years. Traveling to the interstellar era, Su Qiao was horrified to find that there was not a single pl...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓After tearfully planting, I became popular
    4.1K 53 61

    Author: Okinawa Xiaocheng Category: Crossing Rebirth Long Aotian System A Zero conscientiously cultivated the little wretches into Long Aotian and prepared to retire, but due to a malfunction, he dressed as a little pitiful who picked up garbage for a living. Fortunately, the manor that comes with the system is still...

  • ✓Catnip is a group pet in Interstellar
    15.6K 285 94

    Author: Banjin Baliang Category: Rebirth through time travel Release time: 2022-10-18 Ning Miaomiao is catnip-the kind that becomes refined. She closed and opened her eyes, and found that she had traveled to the interstellar world. It's okay to wear it to Interstellar, but why are all the interstellar she wears are ca...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓ I rely on planting flowers to become popular interstellar
    17.3K 304 82

    2023-05-26 10:56:21 Brief introduction to the content: [Through Rebirth] "I Exploded Interstellar by Planting Flowers" Author: Years Luo [End + Fanwai] Introduction: Xu Jinjin dressed as a little flower fairy in the interstellar. Tragically, she is an outlier in the clan, has no associated flowers, and is known as was...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓After the boss wears interstellar
    39.7K 880 55

    Author: Calendula Category: Rebirth through time travel Lu Yuan failed to cross the tribulation, and transmigrated into a horticultural student who was discriminated against in Star University. But Lu Yuan is very satisfied: raising flowers, fishing, who doesn't love retirement life? Until the mecha joint school compe...

  • ✓After the big guy Xiuzhen dressed as interstellar cannon fodder
    65.7K 1.6K 145

    Author: Chitose Zhao Category: Crossing Rebirth As the last cultivator of the Last Law Era, Song Xi had only two goals. The first is to ascend. The second is to propagate the Taoist Law and strengthen the sect. Unexpectedly, she failed to cross the robbery and wore books. Dressed as passerby armor cannon fodder in int...

  • ✓Interstellar Restaurant [Gourmet]
    16.9K 198 78

    Author: Peach Sue Category: Crossing Rebirth As soon as Guan Xiaoxiao, an earthling, opened his eyes and found that he had arrived on a nameless and barren small planet more than two thousand years later, At that time, human beings fully entered space, part of the earth civilization gradually lost over time, food cult...

  • ✓I have special cooking skills
    7K 174 99

    Author: Wheat Cake Category: Crossing Rebirth Chef Ash of the three-Michelin-starred restaurant came to an end in his career as the first chef to be lowered to stars in a decade. Waking up from a car accident, only to find herself back on the day of the bar mitzvah, she was only eighteen years old, had not yet gone ab...

  • I live in the interstellar farming
    71.8K 1.6K 145

    Author: Pear in the pocket Category: Science fiction After Shen Wanyin, an orphan with space, earned enough money, he originally wanted to go to the countryside to build a manor by himself to start a retirement life, but who knew that as soon as he opened his eyes, he became a small cannon fodder in the interstellar s...

  • ✓Full level koi farming in the interstellar field
    80.1K 2.2K 153

    Author: Kujuyuki Category: Crossing Rebirth Dressed as an interstellar girl, Su Tang found that she had been exiled to the Barren Star. Not afraid, she has farming skills, digging wild vegetables, building wooden houses, drawing spring water, drying dried meat, and living a beautiful life. The interstellar virus is ra...

  • ✓ Su Ziqing's dream farm
    13.1K 552 65

    Author: Wu Xia Aro Category: Fantasy romance Su Ziqing just wanted to download a farm game, and as a result "Mom! I got it for real!" The things on the farm are so delicious, Su Ziqing decided to follow the routine and open a shop! As a result, the more people eat, the faster the farm upgrades, and I can't imagine tha...

  • ✓ Letting you take charge of the flower shop, Xingji Lingzhi has recovered?
    67.4K 1.6K 151

    Author: Burning Chuzhu Category: Rebirth through time travel Huaxian has a small glass bottle space, which can travel back and forth between the future interstellar and the earth. She took over a flower shop in Interstellar, which was full of fake flowers made of crystals and diamonds. She used the earth seeds in glas...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓Farming routine after returning from Interstellar
    30K 727 105

    Author: Hugh Ho Category: Rebirth through time travel Su Mu traveled across the interstellar, awakened the wood-type abilities, and became the only planting master in the interstellar. Yes, resigned to fate. In order to satisfy her appetite, she finally turned the interstellar green, but inexplicably returned to the m...

  • ✓Interstellar boss, she used to cultivate immortals
    20.9K 561 76

    Author: Moon Sinking Frost Category: Crossing Rebirth Release time: 2022-07-20 Ji Ning, the holy daughter of the first sect in the Middle Domain of the True Cultivation Realm, dressed as an interstellar fool after the failure of the tribulation, and her divine soul was trapped and could not leave. In order to go back...

  • ✓ I'll be a cook for StarCraft
    20.4K 353 76

    Author: Hugh Ho Category: Rebirth through time travel I have a door connecting to Interstellar, originally I just wanted to open a shop and raise cubs, but unexpectedly attracted interstellar people to chase after me, and I was forced (bushi) to export food. (The background of the story is in modern Earth) Xia Yue is...