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  • After the Divorce, the Boss Dressed As My Dog
    73.4K 955 75

    "After Retiring the Engagement, the Big Brother Dressed as My Dog" Author: Beauty Wushuang copywriting Mu Yao is wearing a book. When she woke up, she became the dark, stupid, arrogant female supporting role in the book. The male protagonist is deeply disgusted by the stupid and ignorant fiancée Mu Yao who comes out o...

  • I Am This Type of Woman
    175K 4K 162

    A s*upid father with good luck, a kick-ass and protective mother, and a dandy younger brother all want a principal husband. Her engagement has been broken off three times yet she does not panic. Beautiful and magnificent clothes, golden beams in their house. She has money, she has power, why would she need a husband? ...

  • Only She Thinks This World is an Otome Game
    430 18 1

    On her seventh birthday, Lilia, the daughter of a Duke, remembers something terrible. She's been reincarnated as a villainess in an otome game. In the game, she was a queen candidate that abused her power, but in the end-after all her wrongdoings were exposed-she was condemned. I want to break this death flag somehow...

  • Eight Treasures Trousseau
    17.5K 294 24

    Transmigrates early into her new future home and is raised into a smart, cunning and strong female lead by somewhat unique parents who are more progressive than you'd find in such an ancient setting. Everyone in the City of Jing thinks that bestowment of marriage between Xian Junwang and the daughter of the Yi'an Marq...

  • The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus
    79.7K 2K 125

    The demons of this world run amok; it's time for the children of heroes to fill in their own legends. Unfortunately, you're not the cold and incorruptible female lead. You're not even the high-status, delicate and charming second female lead: You're just the detestable cannon fodder female number three! The original h...

  • Wife Can't Escape
    174K 3.8K 111

    Song Luan transmigrated into a book called "The Powerful Minister" and became the wife of the Male Lead. In the book, the original owner was snobbish, abandoned her son, and finally died in a fire. Song Luan, who had read the book, expressed a panic. Then, she prepared to be a new leaf and hug the male lead's golden t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Please Confess to Me
    244K 7.3K 60

    Before getting married, Shen Xi knew that her fiance had a girl he was secretly in love with for years. After the divorce, she found out that the girl was her. Before getting married, Shen Xi knew that there was going to be no love in her marriage. After the divorce, she found that her ex-husband had married for love...

  • With You For Thirteen Years
    3.9K 100 15

    *THIS STORY IS NOT MINE* *FOR ONLINE PURPOSES ONLY* Hai Ruo (Female Lead): Gentle and affectionate, university professor teaching ancient literature and the history of ancient literature, a spinster, a goddess in most people's eyes. Chu Chengyu (Male Lead): A cool elite, capital god, cold and hard to approach, but act...

  • There is No Reason for Me to Bully You
    9.3K 212 5

    At the school graduation ceremony, Victoria suddenly told about their engagement annulment by the Crown Prince. But Victoria, no matter how much she was condemned, she doesn't show any worry at all. The reason is? WARNING: THIS IS NOT MY BOOK. THIS IS FOE OFFLINE PURPOSES SUPPORT ORIGINAL TRANSLATOR AND AUTHOR ON: htt...

  • [MTL] Low IQ Supporting Female, Waiting for Death Online
    8.5K 70 6

    Short Title : LISFWFDO Alternate Title : 降智女配,在线等死[快穿] Status : Completed Author : Wei Ke Source : MTLNovel Novel Summary Every novel has a low IQ supporting female that serves as a foil to the female lead's good and beautiful sides. She's the stepping stone on the path of love between the male and female leads, des...

  • gentle beast
    556K 22.5K 80

    ⚠️THIS NOT MY STORY⚠️NOT MY TRANSLATIONS⚠️ Description A girl crossed over to a different world, running into a small wounded animal. She thought it was completely harmless. She never expected that once he grew up, it would be this world's most ferocious beast. Associated Names Wen Rou De Ye Shou 温柔的野兽

  • Ex-Girlfriend Blackens Everyday
    20.5K 328 72

    Description Every profound love story must have a cannon fodder ex-girlfriend. If one day the ex-girlfriend blackens... aah, that would be fun! Blackened quote: Don't be so quick to say like, I won't be able to stop myself from hiding you away in the cabinet. Either you die, or I laugh as I watch you die. You thought...

  • Seijo-sama ni Nante, Watashimasen!
    159 6 1

    A married woman who is the middle of a otome game. Except her husband could be stolen by a Saint who comes out. This woman refuses to let this happen and fights to win her husband's love. But is it really necessary? WARNING: THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL BOOK. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES.

  • Heikinten No Reijou
    939 29 4

    Iris, reincarnated as a villainess in an Otome game, for the sake of avoiding her doom, decides to live as an average girl. It is a story on how she tries to avoid this event. There are a few elements from Otome games in Heikinten No Reijou. It is a heartwarming story. WARNING: THIS IS NOT MY BOOK. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE...

  • Villain Rescue System
    533K 15.2K 123

    As the last abyssal demon in the world, Wen Long was pulled into various worlds to do tasks by a guy who claimed to be a system. The goal of her mission was to save those villains who had been blackened for various reasons... WARNING: THIS IS NOT MY BOOK. THIS IS FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES. PLEASE SUPPORT OG TRANSLATOR AND...