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    [ COMPLETED ] in which bang chan becomes infatuated with a girl and finds himself thinking of her and nothing but her.

  • Safe Place || Lee Felix AU
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    Lee Felix is admitted to the mental hospital for his anxiety. He feels low at first but soon enough finds himself a companion. She feels like home to him. But she also has someone. But things change when he finds out about her real problem. Lee Felix x reader/oc I can't say much in the description cause it'll spoil t...

  • Sugar Sweet » skz [on hold]
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    [Sugar series Book 4] "Someone broke into my house!" "Relax, it must be Hyunjin." "At 4 AM?!" "He probably got kicked out, you know, for sleeping with shoes on." ----- It's been five years. Five years since Chan, Jisung, and Minho found love on Daddy Material. Five years since we left off the story. And they ar...

  • Minho's Main Hoe » lee know
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    [Sugar series Book 3] "You're so gay." "You're so lesbian." "Then what does that make us?" "An odd combination...? Oh, and lovers too, hehe." ~~~~~ After two successful tries, Daddy Material has proven to be a hundred percent effective for both Jisung and Chan. And before you know it, there is another one hopping...

  • Wow, She's Hot » han
    166K 9K 48

    [Sugar series Book 2] "Please! Stray Kids are my ults. I would know it if Han Jisung was talking to me." "PEAK CLOWNERY." ~~~~~ After introducing Chan to that one sketchy app, Jisung watched how Aisha and Chan became so close. He was happy for them, no doubts about that, but he was also slightly envious. He wanted...

  • Sugar Daddy » bangchan
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    [Sugar series Book 1] "Let's see... what are we gonna have? A little summer romance, huh?" "Well..." "Well?" "Well, if a summer romance means getting really attached to each other and not letting go no matter what, then I guess we can have a little summer romance." ~~~~~ All Chan wanted was to have a girl he could h...