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  • The Chosen One: Various Yandere Harry Potter X Female Harry OC (Remake)
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    (First off, the characters are aged up to 17 for first years) (Second, this is a Male Verse, all the yanderes are male or genderbent to be male.) (Third, this is a remake for... very important reasons) Marie is Seventeen and The Chosen One! She is a woman who steals the hearts of everyone, and they will kill to be wi...

  • eyes are the windows too the soul (yandere scp x scp reader) FINISHED
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    so im doin a story line not a oneshot for each but like i said story line and your an scp in this roo and also if you dont know what an scp is then i dont think you should be reading this cause non of this will make sense.??? also the cover isn't mine. ALSO PLEASE GO READ MY "ABOUT" IT JUST KINDA ELABORATES ON THE WAR...