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  • Finn's good day 😉 (adventure time finn x marceline)
    14.2K 102 20

    this is a revision to another fanfiction I just got done reading, the grammar was really bad (no offense but being honest) so I'm going to revise it! The original fanfiction creator is Bluewind1 Check them out!

  • Son Goku x Momo Yaoyorozu: Season 3
    14K 129 23

    The 3rd Season of the 2 lovebirds and this season is gonna be spicy (by spicy I mean a lot of meaningful moments) Momo gets A big change in her life and goku will somewhat get his revenge on his father and reaching a form of pure anger. Vegeta Loses himself but regains it from one person of special Interest. A lost a...

    101K 895 12

    After losing the Kalos league, Ash is told by his friends to give up on his dreams of becoming a pokemon master. To make matters worse, the girl of his dreams has sided with the ones who gave up on him. He left them and decided to continue his journey alone and finish what he started all those years ago. What new adve...

  • Ash Ketchum: Electric Type Specialist
    1.7K 18 11

    In this universe, Ash seeks to become the top Electric Type Specialist of all time.

  • Betrayal At the Indigo Plateau
    238 2 1

    Ash is betrayed by Misty, Brock, Professor Oak, and his own mother after his defeat in the Indigo Conference. With Pikachu dead, and his only remaining loyal Pokémon being Charizard, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pidgeotto, and Primeape, Ash leaves Kanto. He ends up on a ship heading to Hoenn, where he meets the eccentric Drag...

  • Cusp Of Betrayal And Trust
    9.7K 231 18

    When ash is betrayed by people who he respects and loves he shatters into a million pieces But there are some who didn't betray him They will stand by his side as the traitors beg and scream and plead for mercy Oh but there will be no mercy Cause when you are on the cusp of being executed by the people you betrayed a...

    Completed   Mature