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  • Empress of Time
    1.2K 187 20

    Kisa has been recruited to change the tides of history and to save an exclusive race of casters from extinction... in a parallel world.

  • Apocalypse | On Hold
    976 148 15

    When the Earth is destroyed out of nowhere, two workplace enemies are forced to travel the galaxy together as the last two humans in all existence - but they're not alone. Little did they know that their planet once contained dangerous secrets & dishonest people with ulterior motives. A light hearted "rom-com" novel...

  • The Siren's Call
    2.5M 97.8K 41

    An Alpha had really one job, get his Luna and protect his pack, okay make that two. Draven thought it would be easy, find his mate and go back to pack matters. He wasn't known as a cruel, ruthless and cold man for no reason, but when he finds his mate, she...was not what he expected. His name might of meant Protector...

  • The Wolf Prince || Watty's2017
    178K 7K 37

    ♚ The Wolf Prince ♚ "I know what he did to you. I know what he did to all of the children he'd kidnapped." He admits, pulling out a thin folder from his bedside table. "You mean besides beat us?" I growl, my tongue burning to say nasty things. "I'm sorry," he looks down not darking to look at me. "He...

  • The Haunting of Sierra
    1.4K 702 14

    A young family moves from a big city into a small town overflowing with secrets. Melissa and Alissa are twin sisters and they soon find themselves in the clutches of catastrophe when a small decision leads them into troubled waters.

    Completed   Mature
  • Acing You
    388 112 6

    Delilah Reynolds is just another stereotypical teenager in her senior year of high school, Average grades. CHECK Netflix addiction. CHECK Cool friends. CHECK Hot boyfriend. CHECK But her whole world TOPPLES as a certain lad named Julian Hawthorne comes waltzing into her life.Unexpectedly ofc:). Her ordinary life chan...