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  • THE EXCHANGE - Nico Di Angelo at Hogwarts
    66.9K 2.5K 16

    Infiltrate a secret society, keep his identity a secret, while maintaining relationships back home. It wasn't anything he hadn't done before, so what could be so hard about a magical boarding school? Nico Di Angelo has seen a lot in his 15 years. And that's saying something, since he can't even remember the first 10...

  • It Looks Like a Lie
    52.9K 1.8K 12

    Will and Nico go to Hogwarts fanfic: Previously called 'A Wizard's Harmony' Will lived in England for a year and is asked to go back; Nico is still keeping secrets, and Hecate has a issued a new quest. The golden trio is going back to school after defeating Voldemort; and a new foe is lurking in the shadows. All path...

  • A new bro? Batfam x Nico
    321K 7.2K 32

    1 Son of Hades 2 Many feelings 3 brothers Made 4 each other 1. Nico Di Angelo is alone after his sister tragically got murdered. The son of Hades felt lost and alone...until he met his new brothers. Will they help him? Or is it to late? 2. Tim Drake has been feeling abandoned after his brother died. Though he tries to...

  • A New Teacher At Hogwarts.
    45K 1K 5

    Since the end of the Giant War, everything's been pretty calm for the demigods, but when hades comes to a certain ghost king with a strange offer and mysterious quest, the quiet ends. Join an 18 year old Nico Di Angelo as he attempts to become a teacher at a certain school named after a pig with a skin disease!! Disc...

  • Remedy for Resistance 》Solangelo at Hogwarts
    128K 3.7K 20

    Nico di Angelo is not at all like he used to be eleven years ago. The ever-ecstatic, happy-go-lucky, olive-skinned child he once was is gone, replaced by a tired, depressed, pale young man. For the three days after the Giant War, Will Solace worried about Nico. He cared for Nico, he did whatever was in his power to he...

  • A Posthumous Mercenary
    143K 3.7K 24

    Things are finally starting to look good after the war with Gea, Frazel and Reyna are back at Camp Jupiter, Jasper, Pecabeth, and Solangelo are at Camp Halfblood and Caleo has returned! The Avengers are just recovering from the war with Ultron and Scarlet Witch has just started her training to become an Avenger. Some...

  • Friends with Mister J
    124K 4.7K 38

    You know, sometimes I think the world just hates me. First Will and I break up, then I meet some new people who, destroy my apartment, and then tie it off- I fall in love. Do you know what happens to people when they fall in love? Nothing good. But then again, friends are nice to have, even if they can be a bit wacky...

  • -Ghost King-
    133K 4.1K 16

    (ON-HOLD) Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades and the King of Ghosts with many other titles. The person who's known to have more secrets than anybody else in both camps found out his friends and boyfriend's secret that had been kept for 3 months. As he left Camp Half-blood with the strong emotions of heartbreak and betr...

  • Nico Di Angelo son of Voldemort
    78.1K 2.3K 33

    This is not part of my other story. Nico just wanted to get some McDonalds. Not find out about another evil grandfather and be kidnapped to some secret society. Sigh. The fates are loving this aren't they.

  • Dark Lies
    112K 3.4K 30

    Betrayal. Hurt. Pain. Sadness. This is what Nico felt for most of his life and then the people he trusted the most betrayed him in a way he can't forgive. While Nico is dealing with his issues a threat rises in Hecate's pet worlds. She needs someone to help her before the existences of wizards and witches are know...

  • Nico Di Angelo, Assistant of Ironman
    236K 6.7K 25

    I've seen some of PJO and Avengers crossovers where Percy is Tony's assistant, but I was like, what if it was Nico? Because I love Nico and can never find enough fanfics about him. Pjo is aged up several years, they're adults now. Nico was annoyed. This isn't uncommon, seeing as he has to put up with annoying friends...

  • Hogwarts's New Professor
    253K 7K 14

    Nico didn't see why Hecate wanted him of all people teaching her pets. They went through a war, they don't know how to cope, she said. I want you to help them with that. Besides do to your experience in the underworld your one of the few demigods who know about my wizards. Besides the only position open is Defence Ag...

  • Nico Di Angelo in Gotham
    17.9K 570 7

    DISCONTINUED This is a Nico and batfam story. PJO/HOO x DCU. There is no Solangelo but Nico is still gay. Description is below Nico Di Angelo is overcome with emotion and leaves camp once and for all. He goes to Gotham, and finds trouble and a graveyard, and meets a certain someone When a batboy finds a boy who looks...

  • Nico, The Immortal Prince
    54.2K 1.7K 8

    A PJO/HP crossover. Centered around Nico. All in a day's work as the Prince of Darkness. A one shot for now... Disclaimer: All characters and story owns by respective owners Rick Riordan and JK Rowling.

  • Nico Di Angelo the Death Eater Spy
    115K 3.8K 45

    This is a Harry Potter and Hero's of Olympus crossover. It's a lot different than the others out there. Though it starts off the same. Percy, Annabeth, Leo, and Will are sent to protect Harry Potter and his friends. Nico is sent to get close to the Malfoy's and become a death eater spy. Who else at Hogwarts is a demi...

  • He Who Walks Between Worlds
    45.3K 1.8K 26

    The war with the giants is over, and the Greeks and Romans are at peace. Nico di Angelo's fears of war between the two have never come to pass. Encouraged by this, he wants to reveal another society he has been keeping secret -- the wizards. Just as he is about to reveal the worlds to each other, he receives word that...

  • Proving a point. (Pjo/HP X-over)
    24.7K 923 13

    The wizarding world and the demigod one have always been aware of eachother. The wizards consider demigods dengerous creatures with strong and destructive powers. The demigods consider wizards stuck up and impulsive, but at the same time pretty dangerous. The two worlds keep away from eachother and avoid conflict as m...